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Gloucestershire Lighting Design

The county of Gloucestershire, located in the South West of England, is perhaps one of the most picturesque parts of the world and home to some of our most magnificent design projects to date.  If you are looking for Gloucestershire lighting design then Lightmaster are perfectly situated to support your project.

Home to many historic buildings with rich histories and of course the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire attracts may visitors who enjoy the antiquity and beauty of this ceremonial county.

Just a stone’s throw away from our Lightmaster Design Offices, the Gloucestershire landscape and exquisite properties within lend themselves perfectly to high quality and well-thought-out, professional lighting designs.

Both the interior and exterior lighting is vitally important to perfect, especially when you are working with an area that is unspoiled by significant light pollution.

As well as providing indoor lighting, working natural daylight combined with expertly selected artificial lighting, we also specialise in outdoor lighting. By carefully lighting the grounds we can bring the beauty of the surrounding area indoors by strategically placed perimeter lighting while taking in to account careful consideration for local wildlife and surrounding neighbours. Our experts know that only small amounts of light are required to achieve the desired results.

“We remain in-keeping with the style of the property.”

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Lighting Design Gloucestershire

We have been lucky enough to participate in many exciting lighting design projects throughout Gloucestershire. With their own elegant style, the lighting requirements vary from property to property, but with our broad range of lighting instruments, and our team of highly trained lighting designers, Lightmaster will rise to the challenge.

With any lighting design it is important to consider all aspects of the unique space, its aesthetics and functions, to properly construct the most suitable and cohesive design that will not just match, but blend with the surroundings.

To name but one of our outstanding Gloucestershire projects, Icomb Grange in Cheltenham, with its panoramic views of the Cotswolds, combines the old-style elegance of a traditional country home with modern, efficient fixtures and fittings.

This beautiful 10 bedroom house features an impressive double height entrance with a gallery landing which immediately reveals the sense of the rest of the impressive property.

This beautiful 10 bedroom house features an impressive double height entrance with a gallery landing which immediately reveals the sense of the rest of the impressive property.

It’s imperative, when designing the lighting, that we remain in-keeping with the style of the property. By selecting discreet fittings, we ensure that the features of the property are highlighted without bringing attention to the light source. Any of the more statement, decorative fittings are selected specifically to suit the theme and functionality of the space.

Featuring extensive indoor spaces and stretching outdoor grounds, Icombe Grange truly is a remarkable property. Throughout this project we kept the unified principles as seen in the entrance hall to seamlessly integrate the modern technology into the traditional setting without compromising the established aesthetic.

From residences to pubs and even churches our experienced Lighting Designers know just which style and finish to choose to suit any property. From traditional cast-bronze to modern and discreet, we will find the perfect selection of fittings, from our refined range to complement and enhance the beauty of your project.

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