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Some of the most beautiful Lightmaster designs are many of our Cotswold lighting design projects.

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The Cotswolds, stretching across the south west of England, is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. This is made apparent by both the buildings and natural landscape of the many towns and villages that make up this magnificent part of the country.

Renowned for its natural ‘Cotswold stone’ the unique makeup of the local geography produces the attractive Jurassic Limestone used on so many wonderful constructions both around the Cotswolds and exported around the world

Suitably close by, our offices at Lightmaster are conveniently located within a short drive down The Fosse Way right into the centre of the Cotswolds.

“Retail lighting is directing customers towards specialist products.”

Lighting the Way

Lighting the Cotswolds

Among some of the most beautiful Lightmaster designs are many of our Cotswold based projects. One such job is Tower Barn, Broadway located right within sight of the historic Broadway Tower, ‘The Cotswolds highest Castle’.

The Folly itself is an attractive tourist point and spectacle, as are its stunning views and natural backdrop. Within the 50-acre grounds you will find Tower Barn, with its Visitor Centre, Espresso Bar and E-Bike hire for a quintessential Cotswold experience.

At Lightmaster, our Lighting Designers know that when considering the requirements for the Lighting at Tower Barn, a retail setting presents a number of opportunities for highlighting wares and guiding customers journey through the boutique’s selection of specifically hand-picked products.

A suspended track system with adjustable spotlights is a great way to light groups of products. The set up provide the ultimate flexibility, allowing for rearranging of the layout of the space as stock changes to provide a fresh shopping experience.

Lightmaster Cotswold Lighting
cotswold lighting designers

Technical Design

Setting Your Customer’s Experience

One of the key aspects when considering retail lighting is directing customers towards specialist products and ensuring that they are presented in a clear and accurate way. This is largely down to providing adequate light levels but equally importantly, the accuracy in the type of light, and this comes down to CRI and specifically around R-9. This refers to the Colour Rendering Index (1-100) and the R-9 value refers to the balance of red light within this spectrum. These values can be adjusted to present the most accurate perception of the colour of a product, when compared to viewing it in natural daylight.

Alongside the technical aspects of lighting design in a retail space, it is also imperative to consider the users experience within that space. This will vary between shopping and browsing, compared to when they are relaxing and enjoying a refreshment. An excellent lighting design will not just suit but enhance the user experience.

It was not just interior lighting that Lightmaster provided. Some of the most spectacular views can been seen from the surrounding area and also from the outdoor seating where customers can sit and enjoy an espresso from the Espresso Bar. The external lighting in this area is subtle enough to blend with the beautiful Cotswold stone, but adequate to light the way on a dusk evening in this rural setting. A selection of small Bronze exterior Lightmaster Mastlights and decorative Wall Lanterns wash down the textured walls.

For more information about our lighting design projects or further technical information please visit our Lightmaster Learning and check out our many informative Blogs!

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