Why Lighting Design Can Make Or Break Your Home

At Lightmaster, clients often wonder why they need a lighting design and think, why can’t my architect or electrician just do it?

Well, they can if you want. However, eight out of ten* electricians will design most rooms with a grid of downlights or with one central pendant (*we say this as we do work with a few electricians who are NOT guilty of this). And while an architect has an excellent understanding of how natural light will work within a space, when it comes to artificial lighting, they’re usually the first to advise using an external lighting designer on projects.

Do You Need Lighting Design?

Well, if you’re just doing up your downstairs cloakroom, you probably don’t need to get a designer involved. But if you’ve got a kitchen/dining room you might want to consider some lighting design. In doing so, your designer will be able to design the space with the maximum light on your work surfaces, low level lighting for if you’re entertaining, maybe a pendant in the dining area with a few wall lights. And if you decide to incorporate a control system, you’ll be able to create different scenes within each area – maybe just the pendant on in the dining area and low level kitchen lights for the evening.

Why Choose Lightmaster?

To start, we have a combined experience of over 100 years in the lighting industry and lighting design. We’ve worked on award-winning residential properties, commercial projects and historical buildings. Our team of designers understand the importance of getting the right lux levels on a work surface, they know where light is needed and where it’s not, and they will really take the time to understand how you will be living and working within the space.

Lighting Design

The Lightmaster design team will take you through our design stages –

Concept Design – this is where your designer will find out as much as possible about you and your project to establish what levels of light you need where. From these initial meetings, they will come up with a series of drawings, detailing what light fittings will be positioned where along with a rough idea of cost.

Technical Design – The technical team will take the designers drawings and plan the most efficient drivers to use for the lights used and work out the best locations for the drivers.

System Architecture – This is the element of the design where you work out how you want to control your lights. If you opt for simple on/off or dimmer switches, this is a very simple process. If you decided to install a control system, such as the Dynalite system, then the technical manager will draw up a full wiring schematic for the electrician to aid the installation process.

Final Design – Once you have agreed on the plans, you designer will then finalise the drawings and raise the quotations for all the products.

Lighting Design

Where Lightmaster differ from our competitors, are our After Design Services. These are additional packages you can choose to add:


This is an intermediate level of support recommended for projects where only a few variations are likely to happen.

Product Guarantee- 2 years from installation

Project monitoring and communication with the installer regarding the technical elements, from first fix to completion.

Deliveries boxed per floor, ensuring goods are dispatched to site scheduled when required, reducing damage on-site.

Technical telephone support during working hours.

If there is an element of control within your project, we do insist on at least the Silver package.


This offers complete peace of mind for the client, offering  full site support from first fix installation to final sign off.

It includes everything from the Silver package, plus:

Training and explanation of design and installation recommendations to relevant site personnel – usually onsite.

Comprehensive fulfillment service (Itemised per circuit & area/room)

Monitoring and auditing variations regarding final design deviation

As fitted documents and technical equipment specification

4 hours site visit maximum per year

Completion certificate (signed-off by technical manager)

5 year system warranty from installation

It’s our attention to detail and customer support as well as our technical knowledge which sets Lightmaster apart from other lighting design companies.

Lightmaster specialise in LED technology – In recent years, we have come to realise that everything we do needs to be more energy efficient. By March 2018, Halogen bulbs will be banned in the EU, meaning LED is the best way to go. And seeing as we’ve been at the forefront of LED innovation since 1998, Lightmaster is an excellent place to discover this relatively new technology.

The advancements in lighting technology mean fittings are getting smaller and smaller, creating the ultimate in discreet lighting. Lightmaster work with supplies from all over the world to get the very best products for our design team to use on their projects as well as to sell direct to customers.

Mar 7, 2019 | Design

Mar 7, 2019 | Design

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