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The Exterior Wanotoobee Range from Lightmaster

In this article we discuss the Wanotoobee Range from Lightmaster.  When designing your home, it is all too easy to overlook the outdoor lighting scheme. As well as increasing the feeling of safety and security, exterior lighting can enhance the attractiveness, ambience and appearance of your property. With careful forward planning and lighting design, you can illuminate elements of your home, make a cosy outdoor area for entertaining and create an interesting environment to look out onto during these dark evenings. After all, wouldn’t it be a shame to have large windows and glazing, if all that we can look out onto during winter evenings, is complete darkness?

As crucial as it is to consider your exterior lighting, at Lightmaster we understand that often, your priority is completing the inside of your home before you even begin to consider the outside lighting. In this scenario, we would always recommend running a couple of feeds outside, ready to install some impressive exterior lighting whenever the time is right!

After an extensive and carefully considered design process, we are delighted with our well received collection of exterior fittings; the Wanotoobee range. Whether your aim of incorporating exterior lighting is for practical reasons, or to create some drama and interest into your garden, the Wanotoobee range has you covered.

A brushed bronze finish runs across the entire range, allowing the fittings to discretely disappear into the exterior environment. Also, the Wanotoobee collection ranges from just 1W-3W, emitting a perfect subtle glow, preventing your exterior lighting from looking ‘OTT’! The Wanotoobee products are all made up of brass, and each fitting is IP65, making them perfect for outdoor use.

wanotobee range from LM

Wanotoobee Wall Lights

The 1W Micro Wanotoobee, and the 3W Small Wanotoobee Wall Lights, are a couple of our most popular fittings, and can be found outside countless Cotswold homes! We often mount them onto exterior walls / gate posts, allowing a guide towards a front door or a pathway, or even to create some impressive effect lighting by grazing textures such as Cotswold stone. If you’re after more of a modern finish, our Micro Wanotoobee is also available in silver.

We also offer an Up-Down version of the Wanotoobee wall light, again creating some drama against a textured wall.

The final wall light within the range, the Wanotoobee Wall Lantern, is our most recent development and leans more towards the decorative category. It looks fantastic next to front doors and is versatile in that the hood can be removed, taking the lantern from a traditional style towards a modern and simplistic style. As well as adding some interest to the outside of your home, the lantern was designed to be extremely practical. The designer, Richard Nock, became frustrated that most lanterns direct light upwards… but what use is this, other than creating light pollution? With the Dark Skies policy presenting itself as more pertinent than ever, this is essential to consider. The Wanotoobee Lantern has been designed in a way that the light is directed towards the ground – also much easier for when we’re fumbling around trying to find our keys!  View our product range here.

Wanotoobee Path Lights

Practicality and safety shouldn’t be overlooked whilst considering your garden lighting design. It’s vital to consider where there are steps, uneven surfaces or areas prone to slipperiness. Available in a one-way or a two-way light output, our Wanotoobee path lights offer the perfect solution for lighting such areas. We often recommend for these to be controlled using a PIR.

Wanotoobee Spotlight

As well as practical task lighting, you should also consider the effect lighting outside. Do you have any features, such as sculptures or pretty tress? It would be a shame for these features to disappear as darkness falls, but magical once lit. Top tip; Silver Birches look beautiful lit up! Our Wanotoobee Spotlight can be added to a spike into the ground, and angled upwards slightly, to light such features. We also offer a tall rod for the spotlight, allowing the light to be directed towards the ground, for instance, to a flower bed. Picking out just a few features will create pretty pools of light, spread across your garden.

Wanotoobee Downlight and Uplight

The Wanotoobee range offers two final useful lighting tools; the Downlight and the Uplight. With a recessed light source, deep black glare guard and a bezel of only 5mm thickness, the Wanotoobee Downlight and Uplight are extremely discreet and avoid glare. The downlight is perfect for soffits and pergolas, whilst the uplight can be used to graze textured walls or light trees and features.

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