Paloanax Small Tubular Pendant | P2521 | Bronze


The Paloanax decorative pendant is ideal for any decorative application. It is typically hung amongst foliage, adjacent to walls or from garden structures to allow the full decorative effect to be achieved.

When alight, at night, this otherwise discreet fitting comes alive, casting a myriad of specks of light around it.

It can be practical too, with a defined beam of light emitted downwards through a glass lens to distinctively light features below.

The fitting material is mainly brass making it suitable for exterior areas. The brushed bronze or soft satin silvered surface finish helps this product to disappear into its surroundings and will in time weather to a subdued tone. With the same surface finish as our Wanotoobee range, the Paloanax can make a beautiful addition to your outdoor spaces.

Specification Sheet

£139.00 Exc VAT

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