Faltu Mini Recessed Downlight D3491 (3W) and D3501 (6W)


The Faltu mini recessed downlight is ideal for residential or commercial interiors, typically used for architectural applications, doorways, window reveals, kitchens, pools or bathrooms. (The Faltu ’horizontal’ can be used as an alternative wallwashing downlight with asymmetric spread to reduce glare.)

It’s provided as a simple self-assembly kit of parts allowing you to customise the beam spread, light colour and use of a baffle for a decorative appearance or to create lighting effects.

The body is machined in the UK from solid brass with paint finishes available to order for specific applications or to prolong the appearance. Being a coloured metal, weathering or aging will occur naturally if unfinished or not polished.

To ensure you get the best effect our lighting designers are on hand to advise.

Specification Sheet

£63.60 Exc VAT

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