Shellby_Spec Sheet

Non-directional, asymmetrical, deep-recessed round recessed luminaire with LED technology. The
luminaire features a floating glass sphere in an asymmetrical aluminium housing for a diffuse and
consistent light effect. The luminaire guarantees an IP55 certified level of protection.
Available in 2 versions: with trim (outer diameter 184mm) and trimless (outer diameter 176mm).
The units can be combined with different installation accessories that help to obtain the perfect finish





Lamp 1x LED Array
Gear / Transfo LED gear not incl.
Cut-out size ø 177 h 100
Weight 0.86 kg
Min. distance 0.1 m
Glow wire test 960°
Lifetime L80 B20 @ 50.000 hrs
CRI 90 (view TM30 data)
CIE flux code 48 / 81 / 97 / 100 / 23
Power supply 500mA 350mA 700mA
16.9Vf 16.4Vf 17.7Vf
Connected load 8.5W 5.7W 12.4W
Lumen 516 lm 383 lm 668 lm
Efficacy 61 lm/W 67 lm/W 54 lm/W
UGR 30 29 31