Semih_Spec Sheet

Cylindrical surface mounted LED luminaire consisting of two identical halves. The S-shaped split line
between the two halves characterizes the sloping shape of the luminaire.
The lower part, incorporating the LED engine, rotates 75° in both directions towards the upper part. In
the LED housing, the aluminium reflector is held in place by magnets and thus easy interchangeable.
The upper compartment contains the built-in LED driver. The LED driver is available for following
dimming standards: mains dimming (trailing edge), DALI, pushdim or 1-10V.
The fixture is mounted on the ceiling by means of a steel ceiling plate. The luminaire holds onto the ceiling
plate with magnets, which makes it possible to rotate the luminaire 360°. No visible screws or wires.

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Lamp 1x LED Array 16.2W
Gear / Transfo LED gear incl.
Dimming trailing edge dimmable
Power supply 230V
Adjustability h 180° v -75°/+75°
Weight 1.28 kg
Min. distance 0.1 m
Glow wire test 960°
Lifetime 50000
CRI 90 (view TM30 data)
Luminaire power 19W
Lumen 1520 lm
Efficacy 80 lm/W
UGR 20