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Palco Beamer by iGuzzini projector designed to create a cone-shaped light distribution that can be varied from 10° to 65°. The projector is miniaturised and can be rotated by 360° and tilted by 90°. An adapter for installation on a 48V low voltage track is included. The adapter is made of a thermoplastic material and includes a DC/DC driver circuit with a DALI power line dimmable function. The integrated «power line» technology allows each spotlight on the 48V track to be adjusted separately. The luminaire’s LED lamp technical housing is made of cast zamak. The aluminium optical assembly housing includes a sophisticated anti-reflection-treated glass lens system. Black anodised aluminium locknut for manual focusing. The optic system, combined with the option of manual adjustment provides sharp and well-defined illumination with no halo effects or soft edges.


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Product Details

  • Installation on Low Voltage track (48V).
  • Miniaturized projectors with integrated DC / DC converter integrated in the adapter.
  • Adapter-track connection with quick release system.
  • Body in die-cast aluminum.
  • High definition optical lenses in thermoplastic material.
  • possibility of manual adjustment of the light beam from 10 ° up to 65 ° with a black anodised aluminum ring. The optical system, combined with the possibility of manual adjustment, allows to obtain a well-defined punctual lighting.
  • High visual comfort.
  • 90 ° inclination on the horizontal plane and 355 ° rotation around the vertical axis.
  • CoB LED with high color rendering index.