Darlek Mains Recessed Fixed Round Downlight D1711 | White


Darlek Mains Recessed Fixed Round Downlight D1711 | White


1692 1702 2152 1771 1711 Darlek Range Spec sheets

The Darlek range of adjustable and fixed downlights, with complimenting adjustable spotlights is ideal for residential spaces, typically used in any location requiring a discreet but adjustable light source.

The fitting material is mainly aluminium making it suitable for interior use only. Our complete range allows versatility in positioning, which is critical to be able to create the accent, task effect or to boost your general light levels. To keep glare to a minimum, considerate positioning will highlight the subject with its warm light colour, making this a flexible discreet lighting tool.

The white matt sand textured surface finish helps this product to disappear into its surroundings. To ensure you get the best effect our lighting designers are on hand to advise.

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