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Modular Lighting Instruments

Modular lighting instruments is architectural lighting with an attitude (find out more).

Modular is one of Lightmaster’s most innovative partners. We first visited their headquarters in Belgium at the end of 2017 to see their showroom and get a better understanding of their products and processes. Since this visit we’ve developed a strong relationship: we get regular product updates from the Modular team, we’ve been on their partner days to meet other Modular suppliers from around the world and they even brought a full display stand to our 20 Years Of Lightmaster event in 2018.

For nearly 40 years, Modular Lighting Instruments has been a true pioneer in the world of architectural lighting. They tried to put their stamp on the sector with “gutsy” campaigns, bold designs and innovative technology. Top notch technology, combined with quirky designs is what makes Modular a true pioneer in the industry of architectural lighting.

One of our favourite Modular fittings is the Semih spotlight range – it comes in two sizes and is perfect for both residential and commercial projects and the smaller version is also available track mounted. It has a very sleek design with a twist mechanism to allow you to aim the light in specific directions, such as to light artwork or displays.

Their Qbini product range is so named as they’re “cube” shaped and “mini” in size. There are countless options thanks to the different frames, shapes, colour options, number of lamps and their patented click-release system, allowing the same lamp to be recessed, flush or protruding.

Modular’s latest product release is the Hollow – this is a tricky fitting to photograph but in real life its an excellent little fitting. It’s a die-cast aluminium dome with an adjustable tube within. So when the tube is flush with the dome, it creates a lovely ambient glow and would make a lovely wall light. When you slide the tube out, it can use used as a normal spotlight to light artwork or even use it as a bedside reading light.

We’re looking forward to using more Modular products on our residential, commercial and historical lighting deigns.

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