Lightmaster Design – The Lightmaster Difference

Lightmaster Design – The Lightmaster Difference

Professional Lighting Specialists 

Over the past 19 years, Lightmaster has specialised in Lighting Design and product supply. While there is lots of lighting design firms in the UK today, Lightmaster is unique in a lot of ways.

Our attention to detail – Lightmaster’s specialist services consists of several stages including concept design, design detail, system architecture and aftercare. A stage process ensures we fully understand the client scope and brief. Small things like making sure we’re not positioning an uplighter along a wall with a power socket. Or locating a driver in a back box which is a different colour to the wall and putting it in full view. We spend a lot of time going over plans with our customers and making sure each room is perfect before signing off the final designs.

Lighting Design

Our experience – Our 19 years in the industry have given us the ability to walk into a space and realise its lighting potential. We use General, Accent, Task, Effect and Decorative light – General lighting is your soft washes of light while Accent is for highlighting features such as artwork or architectural features. Task light is light aimed at a surface such as kitchen worktops or desks, Effect lighting is lights positioned on a textured or patterned wall and decorative lighting is pendants, wall lights etc designed purely to be looked at. We will look at the space, learn about how it’s used and from there we can draw up a design based about the client’s requirements.  We won’t just recommend 16 downlights arranged in a grid formation.

Our products – Our huge product range means there will always be a fitting that will meet a client’s specifications. We categorise our products into Standard, Designer and Bespoke. These categories are based on price but also the level of options available.

For example, our 6 watt Darlek fixed from the standard range is only available in warm white (3000K) with a 30 beam and is priced at £45+ VAT.

Darlek Fixed

Whereas the 6 watt Daniba fixed from the designer range is available in very warm white (2700K), warm white and cool white (4000K) and in 15°, 30° or 45° beam angles, but it is £97+ VAT.


It’s our product range and the excellent quality that keeps our Lightmaster Partners coming back to us time and time again.


Aug 24, 2017