Lightmaster Product – Decorative Lighting

Lightmaster Product – Decorative Lighting

While most of the work we do is based around discreet LED fittings, we do a lot of decorative lighting too. We work with hundreds of other brands and suppliers to find the perfect fitting.

As you can imagine, the range of styles and designs is pretty much endless so we break down the term decorative into three subheadings:

Contemporary Modern

These are fittings designed and made to fit within a modern environment. A great example of this is the Kelly range from Studio Italia. The range is made up of small wall lights to mini sphere’s to huge domes, all made of the same laser cut metal design. This is a great option if you want to have a decorative theme to your lighting as you could have the wall lights in the living room, the large dome pendant over the dining table and a cluster of the sphere’s hanging at different levels down the stairs.


Terzani are another brand making high-end, high priced decorative fittings. They also focus on the materials, building exquisite chandeliers our of fine chain mail. They are one of the brands we found it hard to assign to one category!


Inarchi produce stunning pendants out of metal and stone. Their latest fitting, the Geo (pictured below) is made of turned Carrara marble with an LED light source.

Classical Timeless

These are fittings which could quite happily blend into any style of home. Recommended suppliers for these would be Astro, Chelsom, Vaughn and to a certain point, Terzani. Now, no you probably couldn’t put a chrome Terzani Atlantis in your country kitchen but some of their other fittings, such as the Orten’zia would make lovely, timeless statements.

One of our very favourite suppliers, Astro produce some really lovely timeless pieces. The clean lines and minimalist design puts them in the running to fit in both Contemporary Modern and Classical Timeless but the simplicity of the products puts them firmly in the latter category.

Vaughn sell a huge range of fittings in hundreds of styles but they mainly focus on classical timeless. Their fittings are made using typical materials such as metal, glass and fabric and the designs are beautiful without being too “out there”.  The fittings below are great examples of this.


Period Traditional

Think of the lighting in Downton Abbey or Blenheim Palace and you’ve got Period Traditional. The exact opposite of minimalist, these decorative lights are designed to go in houses with older style décor. Ornate twisting pieces of metal, cut glass teardrops, stained glass domes and nearly always fitted with a candle lamp, period fittings are usually made to be noticed rather than blend discreetly into their surroundings.

Possoni are a company based in Milan specialising in the biggest, most detailed and beautiful chandeliers known to man. Taking their inspiration from old Italian opulence, they have ranges of ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps in the most breath taking designs. However, these designs do come at a very hefty price!! The fitting pictured below, French gold finish with Swarovski crystal is priced at £14,437.

Currently there is a premium price tag on a lot of traditional style fittings. The fitting below is from an American company called Limehouse and it’s worth $2,570 and even British companies such as David Hunt lighting are charging over £1000 for a large antler pendant! If it can be considered vintage, expect to pay more for it.

Your choice of decorative fittings says a lot about you and your tastes but it’s important that your lighting matches the rest of the decor. You can’t really install a huge antique gold, crystal draped chandelier in a minimalist, monochrome room.

For more information, to request any brochures or for any help in finding your perfect fitting, call Lightmaster today!


Dec 13, 2017