Lightmaster Product – 2016-17 Brochure OUT NOW!!

This week sees the launch of our new Lightmaster Product Brochure! This brochure has been in the making for nearly 8 months and all of us here at Lightmaster are extremely proud of it! 8 months of deciding on layout, looking at what angles the fittings should be photographed in, thinking about what products should go where and finally, a lot of proof reading. In fact we actually found a spelling mistake on the day we sent the brochure to print, causing mass panic and a flurry of phone calls to the printer.


The brochure is made up of 5 main product ranges: Composite, Standard Discreet, Designer Discreet, Architectural and Exterior. We chose the fittings in these ranges based on our best sellers both on the Direct side of the business and also the fittings our Design team use most in their projects.

  • The composite range is all fittings which you plaster into your wall or ceiling to become an integral part of the building.
  • Standard Discreet are the products designed by us at Lightmaster. These fittings have been designed and produced to be the best quality without breaking the bank.
  • Designer Discreet are so named as they are the products favored by our design team. These are designed and manufactured in Italy, just outside Venice and can be customised in several ways including beam angles, colour temperature and CRI.
  • Architectural range is made up of products which pack more of a punch. These fittings start at 9W and go up to 33W!
  • The Exterior range is, as you’d expect, fittings that go outside. These range from recessed ground lights to wall lights, to spotlights and even outdoor pendants.

The brochure also touches on the range of decorative fittings we supply, our work on bespoke light fittings, automated blinds and curtains and control systems. These are all topics that would need their own brochure to be explained properly, so if you do have any questions or queries just let us know!


To request a printed or PDF version of the brochure, please contact us on 01608 682 115 or send an e-mail to and please leave your full name and address.


Oct 21, 2016 | Control, News, Product