Lightmaster Partners – Seed Designs

Lightmaster Partners – Seed Designs

Seed Design are a lighting company which we discovered on a trip to the Hong Kong lighting fair. Their fittings aren’t yet available in the UK and Lightmaster are keen to bring these lovely products exclusively to our customers!

Their philosophy is Simplicity x Elegance x Eternity x Delight = SEED and they do reflect this within their products.

They focus on decorative product with a simplistic Scandinavian style. A lot of their work is with metal and glass but they do some stunning concrete and wood work too. They have worked really hard on all of their design to minimise and even totally eliminate glare. Most of their designs are retrofit so you will need to purchase a suitable lamp but with companies like Megaman constantly expanding their range of LED lamps, finding the right one won’t be difficult.

The Dora is a really great little fitting which you can configure in any way you want – anything from one to twelve drops, various colour options, cable lengths, ceiling cups and radial systems. This is a dedicated LED fitting. It’s a CRI90, 6.5W module fitted into a sleek sphere with a rotatable shade up to 35 degrees.

 seed design 

The Mist pendant is named after the weather captured in old Chinese poetry. The lines describe the clouds and mists falling over the mountains. The misty effect is created by sandblasting the interior of the blown glass. The pendant comes in medium or large (the size difference being about 10cm in width) and with three colour finishes on the metal cap – matte brass, chrome or copper. This is a retrofit fitting in which you can put your favourite E27 lamp.


The Newton, so named after the discoverer of Gravity, follows the shape and curve of an apple and if you choose the red version, it really does look like one! The blown glass has a high gloss finish and an opaque interior so it emits a soft glow rather than a task light.

Seed design  

One of the coolest products they do is a lamp called the Carry which is available as a table or floor lamp (pictured below, also available in matte white). It’s a wide shade and then there is a platform/table the same width as the shade. The cool part is that they’ve integrated a USB charger into the central pillar so you can charge your phone neatly and even have a little table for your keys/spare change/cup of tea! This is another retrofit requiring an E27 lamp.

Seed designs

The Castle range is made of concrete. It’s a lovely collection featuring pendants in various sizes and shapes along with IP65 rated wall lights! These are very minimalist, neutral pieces which fit really well in commercial projects.

seed design

Seed Designs made the Dodo to match the whimsical shape of the character in Alice in Wonderland and even named it after the bird itself. Available in a number of different forms, including desk, floor, pendant and reading lights, the Dodo collection would be ideal to have all over the house. The different colour finishes of shiny white, matte black and copper would allow it to blend into different areas.

seed design

The Dome is a classically beautiful pendant. It has a bold silhouette – the outer shade comes in shiny white, matte black, chrome and copper. A clever design feature is the swirling aluminum reflector within designed to soften the light and also the small domed cover you can use to cover the lamp to completely eliminate glare.

seed design

The Qin is a marriage between wood and glass – the solidity of the wooden cap with the delicate blown glass shade creates a lovely effect. The glass is available clear or with an opal effect. You can also get the Qin with a coloured aluminium shade as a pendant or as a desk or wall light.



(All images are the property of Seed Design)

Feb 14, 2017