Lightmaster News – Italy 2017 Part 3

Lightmaster News – Italy 2017 Part 3

We were desperate to see the Studio Italia showroom (I personally am in love with the Kelly pendant) on our third and last day in Italy.

Studio Italia Showroom

The showroom is a sparsely decorated room split into sections with small screens. We were shown around by Massimiliano Tosetto, the MD of Studio Italia. The first fitting that you see on arrival is the Nostalgia cluster casting light over a motorbike. There’s also a display of the new wall bracket which works in conjunction with the Nostalgia (pictured), the Kelly, the Rain, the A-Tube Nano and the Spider.


The Spider on the radial ceiling cup is a really cool feature in the showroom. It can be difficult to explain to customers the effect of these ceiling cups when you’ve only seen images so it was really beneficial for all of us to see it.

The Kelly Cluster is a Studio Italia classic. Available in huge cascading drops, singles, spiral effects – the list of options is literally endless! The Kelly comes in white and coppery bronze AND now comes in black which is very exciting!!

The Skyfall is a Lightmaster favourite. We have the small copper one pride of place in our home cinema and we just did a project where our lighting designer Alison specified two of the large versions to go over a kitchen island. It now also comes with it’s own wall bracket (which is slightly different to the other bracket for the other pendants).

The Kelly Pendant (my favourite). Available in full spheres or in half domes. Again, white, coppery bronze and now black. But there’s also going to be a new, limited edition finish on show at Euroluce but sadly, Massimiliano couldn’t show us the sample.

Then we got a look at the new products. Puntozero are a brand under the Studio Italia umbrella. They produce some stunning fittings and are known for their use of coloured and curved lenses to create different effects. The downside of this is that Puntozero fittings are very expensive. So, Studio Italia have come up with the Nautilus. This is a wall light made with two light sources which move independently from each other – each plate can twist around trough 320 degrees and bend 90 degrees. The colour finishes (black, white, chrome, gold and rose gold) were chosen so that the Nautilus can match with any other Studio Italia fitting.


The Random is the biggest new product on offer. A single Random is three hand blown glass balls in three different sizes. These mini clusters can be added to other mini clusters to form a huge cluster! Each ball has its own 1W LED chip inside and follows the same glass colouring process as the Skyfall. The glass is coloured using a pigment with is then blown and stretched to produce a transparent colour, unlike the Nostalgia which has it’s colour applied after the glass has been blown.

The Random can be configured in the same way as all the other pendants – linea or round ceiling cups or even the radial system.


The new 2017 catalog will be winging it’s way to us shortly so if you’re interested in any of the Studio Italia range just let us know!!


So that was the end of our Italian lighting adventure, or #LightmasterOnTour as we called it! We want to thank Linea Light for having us and specifically James and Nicola for showing us around the factories, showrooms and restaurants of Castlefranco!

Another big thank you to Studio Italia and Massimiliano for giving us the guided tour of the showroom and talking us through the new LED technologies they’re developing.

Feb 3, 2017