Lightmaster News – Italy 2017 Part 2

Day 2 of our Italy trip was all about the Linea Light Light Village. This is their HUGE showroom and warehouse just outside Castlefranco.

Italy Trip

When you first walk in, you’re greeted by their newest decorative product innovation, the Moonflower. The individual fittings themselves are nothing special – white tiles with a central colour changing LED and a curved triangular cover. However, when installed in a cluster (as Linea Light have in their lobby) you can create all kinds of shapes with it. The curved covers clip on and off so you can pivot them to create different patterns.

Now for a very, very long time, Linea Light has only ever been associated with discreet lighting- downlights, floor washers etc. Now though, they have a full range of really interesting decorative pendants and wall lights. Their Materials and Design (MA&DE) catalog is full of beautiful fittings such as those pictured below.

 The Monarque is made in two different ways to create two different finishes – the smooth white version is made using polished white polycarbonate while the other is made with granular polycarbonate which has the effect of a sparking crystal. Both the shape and the granulated finish echo traditional chandeliers.

 The Mongolfier is a really nice pendant – the lines of the ‘spokes’ create lovely shadows on whatever is beneath it. Available in two shapes and also comes in a matte black finish. It has a bit of an industrial feel but it also would work in a more traditional home. It’s been fitted with Linea Light’s Warm Tune technology which really works with the warm copper finish.

The pendant and wall lights below are called the Oxygen. These are a particularly exciting fitting as it’s lit with LED chips located in the top of the shade and then a polymethylmethacrylate diffuser is engraved with a micro pattern designed to deflect the light beam.


We saw these diffusers being made in the factory. They’re practically see-through when the light is off but they create a seamless spread of light when it’s on.

 The 2Nights wall light is a really innovative fitting. Duel purpose- can be a reading light or can be a decorative wall light. Lots of different finishes/filters available to really make it your own. This light is so good it won the RedDot Design Award in 2016.

A big part of the Light Village is the little pods or sections designed to represent how to light specific areas. For example, Linea Light have a tree being lit with four different projectors, a swimming pool scene with twinkling lights in the ceiling, submerged pool lights and even floating, colour changing balls. They also have a hotel “scene” – this includes flexible bed reading lights, table lamps and one large glare free downlight (the one we’d seen at the factory but much, much bigger).

Another great idea they’ve had is to create arches and pillars, much like the ones seen in grand buildings and hotels in the Middle-East and show different ways of lighting them up. Here they have the same fitting lighting up all four pillars but with different beam angles to show the different effects.

Linea Light pride themselves on the many options their fittings are available in. Nearly all their fittings come with an option for different colour temperature’s and different CRI’s. This display at the back of the showroom is actually one of the most interesting things we saw on the trip and is definitely something we want to try and recreate at Lightmaster HQ! The photo on the left is tiny downlights showing colour temperature and CRI’s on pots of coloured pencils. The right-hand photo is different CRI’s – these lights are used mainly in retail to show off the colours of clothes/products. It’s hard to tell in the photo but the light on the far left makes the red wool look the most red whereas the second left makes the red look orange. The CRI’s on show are in the high 90’s whereas a residential fitting would usually be 80.


The warehouse next door to the Light Village is monumentally huge. Special fork lift trucks move along the aisles, rising to different levels to pick the products needed. James told us that the higher shelves house the lightweight products such as LED tape and small fittings to avoid injuries should anything fall down. Makes our little warehouse in Blackwell seem tiny!!


Linea have huge plans for 2017 in terms of exhibiting at shows such as Euroluce, a huge design led show which takes place in Milan and Sleep, more of a trade show aimed at hotels. Sleep has worked well for Lightmaster in the past as we got the lighting design job for The Scarlet Hotel down in Cornwall.

After the tour of the Light Village, Nicola and James took us to a local project – a wine shop nearby to Castlefranco. Nicola took this as an opportunity to teach us about Italian wines!


That evening was our last dinner with James and Nicola – they took us to a restaurant in Castlefranco and ordered us all an anti-pasti selection followed by a steak with wild mushroom sauce and chips, followed by a sgroppino!!

Part 3 of our Italy trip is coming soon, featuring one of our favorite decorative suppliers, Studio Italia!!

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