Lightmaster News – The Halogen Ban – Part 2

So it’s been four months since the halogen ban came into place and we’re seeing an increase in LED lamp sales. This is great news but now we want to get more people switching to dedicated LED fittings.

As with lamps, the initial cost is much higher than with halogens but the life cycle of a dedicated LED is much, much higher than that of a halogen lamp.

Take an average GU10 downlight which you can get from an electrical wholesaler for around £5, add in your 50W halogen lamp for around £2.50 = £7.50 for a light fitting. Sounds great! But that halogen lamp will only last around a year residentially (6 hours per day) so over the course of ten years you’ll need 10 lamps = £25.00 We also did some maths* to work out that each of those halogen lamps costs £15.33 a year in energy. So over 10 years, your £7.50 light fitting is actually costing you around £183.00.

Or you could buy a dedicated LED fitting- for example, let’s use our  6W Darlek adjustable downlight which comes with a 500mA driver and costs £85.20inc VAT. This fitting has a lamp life of up to 75,000 hours so residentially should last 35 years.  The electricity needed to run the fitting works out at £2.15 per year so over 10 years, your total cost will be £106.70.

Darlek Adjustable

*Our maths:

Residential light use is 6 hours per day (average) which works out at 2190 hours a year.

The average cost for electricity in the UK is 14p per Kw

A 50W GU10 halogen lamp needs 109.5Kw per year = £15.33

A 6W dedicated LED needs 15.33Kw per year = £2.15

There are more benefits to a dedicated LED fitting than just energy costs – there is an element of “fit and forget” to the fittings. There is no lamp to replace – the light source is the LED chip behind a lens which is attached to a heat sink. The only thing that would need replacing is the driver, but even these should last between 8-10 years.

A dedicated LED fitting can be much, much smaller than a standard GU10 downlight. Take fittings such as our Faltu micro floorwasher and Daniba micro downlight. These fittings are less than 35mm wide and help create the ultimate discreet light.

Faltu Tech Micro Daniba (2w Quantum

The other benefit you have with a dedicated LED fitting is being able to choose your colour temperatures and beam angles of the fittings. Our Italian supplier Linea Light can make a fitting entirely to your specification. So if you want 5 downlights to shoot thin beams down the wall of a shower, then you can choose a tiny IP rated light and Linea Light will put the beam angle to 10 degrees.

Halogen ban

Jan 12, 2017 | Control, News