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Feb 4, 2023 | Design

One of the UK’s leading lighting specialists, Lightmaster has over the last twenty years built up a formidable reputation for its design know-how and technical expertise.

The company is renowned for its exacting implementation of all kinds of lighting solutions, from small-scale residential commissions to massive commercial projects. Lightmaster’s portfolio of work is impressively wide-ranging, comprising luxury residences, sustainable eco-homes, world-famous heritage sites, ecclesiastical buildings, well-known museums, educational institutions, prestigious offices, large factories, vast warehouses, specialist medical facilities, prime retail sites as well as countless hospitality projects, including bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels. Quite simply, no project is too small or too large. And with each and every project Lightmaster thoughtfully assesses its functional needs and aesthetic requirements from a client-centred perspective in order to ensure that the best possible user-led outcome is delivered on time and in budget.

Transforming Spaces into Places

lightmaster lighting the way

Established in 1998, Lightmaster has always been guided by the belief that lighting is the crucial fourth dimension that helps to magically transform spaces into places. Marrying the technical with the aesthetic, Lightmaster takes a multi-disciplinary approach to lighting that sees its design team working holistically with its technical lighting experts. Another main strength that Lightmaster has over its competitors is its highly personalised service that allows it to offer fully bespoke solutions. Working hand-in-hand with its clients Lightmaster can, if needed, provide a completely integrated service, from the very first initial lighting design concepts right through to procurement, delivery and installation, while making sure that at every step of the way the client’s needs and concerns are taken fully on board. And even when a job is complete, Lightmaster’s role continues thanks to its exceptional aftercare service.

Virtuoso Design and Exacting Delivery

Having clocked up many years of expertise working in the lighting manufacturing industry Richard Nock founded Lightmaster in 1998, having identified the need for a specialist company that could professionally orchestrate complex lighting projects. Today, the firm has a dedicated team of four in-house specialist designers who understand the exacting art and science of well-lit spaces, using either natural or artificial light sources. And whether the required lighting is for indoor or outdoor use, Lightmaster’s aligned team of highly trained technical specialists are able to specify, install and programme the best and most appropriate lighting control systems currently available, from simple switching and straightforward dimming right through to app-enabled home automation and programmable evocative scene setting.

On-Hand Expertise and Extensive Product Selection

Lightmaster also provides an invaluable lighting guidance service for professionals to help them navigate the lighting complexities that can be encountered with different types of building projects. The company also directly supplies a vast array of lights and light fixtures that have been carefully selected from some of the world’s top lighting manufacturers, all easily ordered through its on-line filterable index. But more than this, Lightmaster also offers its own extensive range of high-quality lighting products, thereby catering to virtually every lighting demand imaginable, from downlighting and up-lighting to spotlighting and wall-washing.

Where Are We and What Do We Do?

Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, Lightmaster boasts a large lighting showroom sited at its headquarters near Shipston-on-Stour as well as a network of regional sales consultants based in London, the South East, the South West and Nottingham. As a one-stop lighting specialist, the company has over the decades worked on numerous projects throughout Britain as well as overseas – even as far afield as Bermuda. Lightmaster is all about thoughtful problem solving and coming up with intelligent lighting solutions based on the client’s requirements. So while this could involve identifying the strategic location of different types of lighting in a kitchen, it might also encompass researching how different types of lighting affect our biorhythms and sense of wellbeing for a state-of-the-art rehabilitation unit in a hospital.

Painting with Light and Setting the Scene

lighting external

Thanks to its in-depth understanding of lighting’s different genres and how they interact together, Lightmaster can skilfully combine general, effect, task and accent lighting into interior schemes so that the overall effect is far greater than the sum of its individual parts. Over the years, Lightmaster has mastered the art of painting with different kinds of light sources in order to set a scene. This ability to transform the mood and identity of an interior space or building with just a palette of photons takes immense dedication, knowledge and passion, but that is exactly what Lightmaster’s team of specialists have and it is this that ultimately makes them so adept at coming up with innovative lighting solutions, time and time again.

Lighting – A Simple Guide

Today, there is such a bewildering variety of lighting options to choose from that sometimes it can be very difficult to know exactly where to start. It helps, however, if one breaks down the lighting requirements of any project into different product categories and then thinks of these as individual layers that are then blended to together to complete a full lighting picture. The reason for this is that successful lighting is always based on the careful layering and skilful combining of different types of light sources so that they work in harmony together. At Lightmaster, we use the following categories:

  • General
  • Effect
  • Task
  • Accent

It always makes sense to first consider the general lighting requirements of any space – either interior or exterior – and to do this from a completely functional perspective. For example, where will the most lighting be needed in an interior? And how will this lighting requirement change during the day? And so forth.

Next comes effect lighting requirements, which help provide a sense of mood – this might involve creating an extravagant “wow factor” lighting feature in a nightclub or a sense of cosiness in a cocooning corner of a restaurant. Again, it is worth thinking about how lighting requirements can change throughout the day, because the mood you might want to create during daylight hours may well be very different from the one you need in the evening.

The next consideration is task lighting, for instance, in a kitchen where you will almost certainly need brightly focussed lighting over a counter for any food prepping with sharp knives. Or maybe in certain kinds of workplace environments where there is often a need to keep lighting at very specific levels depending on what kind of jobs are being undertaken in them.

And then finally comes the fun part accent lighting, which can be used to highlight architectural features or specific objects within an interior or exterior setting. If handled properly this, too, can help create the all-important sense of place.

Lightmaster Lighting Ranges and Website

Our ranges are broken down into Categories and Sub-categories as follows

  1. Lightmaster Product – Our own stocked product
  2. The Lightmaster Selection – some of our favourite products are all unique please ask for a quote.
  3. Components & Accessories – Drivers, controls, Lamps, Shade and other lighting parts.
  4. SAVE – Samples, Anomalies, Variation, End of Lines. Discounted product.

We also produce Tailor-Made products which are bespoke to your project, Linear products like LED Tape and Track are almost all specials, so please ask for a quote for these items.

  • Our Range consists of only 7 product ranges, offering interior and exterior lighting for commercial, residential and historical applications.
  • Denib, Ulan, Faltu, Salistor, Scantor, Sasin and the Wanotoobee.


lightmaster denib range

  • Residential Interior
  • Matt White sand finish helps it disappear
  • Curved shape ensures it’s as discreet as possible
  • Micro 2W and Mini 6W
  • Low glare fixed and adjustable
  • IP rated to 65 making them suitable for bathrooms
  • Fire 3 hour due to Stainless steel springs, borosilicate glass and Steel construction
  • Light colour temperature 3000K Warm White
  • Low profile but only 3W or 1W
  • CRI 90+
  • Can be sprayed in any colour, light colour can be changed, beam angle can be manipulated


ulan lightmaster direct range

A concise range of up lighters in stainless steel, suitable for wet applications inside and out, can be mounted in the ceiling, floor and wall.


ligthmaster faltu range

Our first product was developed over 15 years ago using the UK and Chinese collaboration, now this represents a very flexible range available in all RAL colours and plated bronzes and antique brass finishes, exchangeable modules and the ability to manipulate the beam and colour temperature. The range includes micro and mini downlights, up light, horizontal foot washers, spotlights, pendants & wall lights, The bull rush is a new decorative exterior product, we tend to run products at 350mA and 600mA  we have 1-6w options. All are dimmable with the right driver. A core architectural discreet lighting tool, many of the products you can use in the Interior and exterior. This product is now made of solid brass manufactured in Birmingham.


salistor range

  • Residential due to small size, Constant Current and 48V, Recessed, Surface and Track
  • 2W Recessed Spot Only, 3W Recessed, Surface and Track, 6W Recessed Spot only


lightmaster scantor range

  • 13W – 40W Commercial and historical applications, we use them for Churches, Village Halls and any large interior space


lightmaster sasin

  • 9w-22W domestic and commercial, this well-designed quirky fitting is very flexible and Ideal for apexes. We can do a spotlight version with the right lead time.


wanotobee range from lightmaster

This is the second range we brought out, designed for Exterior use, it’s made from cast bronze which will naturally age with time, depending on location. Downlight, Uplight, Pathlight (1 & 2 way options), Spotlight, wall light all in 3 watt options, we also do a micro wall light in 1 Watt.

We offer a huge range of lighting and control goods and consultancy services to match the expertise we need to support the modern Lighting Market, this can make finding items complicated, especially as we service Specifiers, Builders Installers and Clients, who all have a different perspective on what they want, if you are having difficulty, contact us.

[email protected] OR phone 01608 682115 and pick the right option.

When deciding what to use consider using our design services.

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