Lightmaster Direct has been developed and grown as a Green company, from the products we sell to cars we drive.

LED Technology – LED is the future. We’ve known this for several years now and the Halogen Ban coming into place proves that the world needs to take greater steps. While CFL lamps have taken huge leaps and bounds to shake off their reputation of being slow to light up, their mercury content means that these are difficult to dispose of and this does diminish their Green credentials.

For many years, some electricians and architects have opted for grid formations of downlights – this is A. unsightly and B. expensive, both to purchase and run! Imagine you had 16 x 40W halogen downlights in one room- that’s 640W!

Our lighting designers have years of experience and know that to light a room well, you don’t need 16 symmetrically placed downlights.

Take the above  kitchen for example – Five 6W adjustable downlights aimed at the work surfaces and four 1W floor washers built into the kickboard. A total of 34W of power.

Another great example of our lighting designers knowing their stuff is our work on the exterior for Blenheim Palace. They used to use huge 100W flood lights to illuminate the columns. Then we came in and replaced them with narrow beam LED spotlights and reduced the power from over 1000W to 72W. We also did the new interior lighting design for the visitors center using Linea Light products.

Lots of historical buildings and monuments are making the transition to Green technologies! Even Mount Rushmore in America uses LED lights to illuminate the mountain at night.

It’s a well-known fact that LED’s are significantly more efficient that their halogen counterparts. Take an average GU10 downlight, which you can get from an electrical wholesaler for around £5, add in your 50W halogen lamp for around £2.50 = £7.50 for a light fitting. Sounds great! But that halogen lamp will only last around a year residentially so over the course of ten years you’ll need 10 lamps = £25.00. So we did some maths* to work out that each of those halogen lamps costs £15.33 a year in energy. So over 10 years, your £7.50 light fitting is actually costing you around £183.00.

Or you could buy a dedicated LED fitting- for example, our 9W Dennit downlight which comes with a 190mA driver and costs £29.81inc VAT. This fitting has a lamp life of up to 75,000 hours so residentially should last 35 years. The electricity needed to run the fitting works out at £2.76 per year so over 10 years you’re looking at a total cost of £57.41.


*Our maths:

Residential light use is 6 hours per day (average) which works out at 2190 hours a year.

The average cost for electricity in the UK is 14p per Kw (correct as of August 2017)

A 50W halogen lamp needs 109.5Kw per year = £15.33

A 9W dedicated LED needs 19.71Kw per year (very Green) = £2.76

Lightmaster Packaging – within the next year, Lightmaster is planning to swap our plastic packaging for tissue paper to reduce our plastic waste.

Lightmaster Fleet – All of the company cars driven by Lightmaster employees are chosen based on their Co2 emissions. We have two Audi A3’s both of which fall beneath 95g Co2.  When we do a Design Fee for our lighting design projects, we try to factor in how many site visits will be needed so that we can try to calculate our mileage and emissions. Even our sales team look ahead at their schedule to work out the most fuel efficient routes to their daily appointments.

Renewable Energy Sources – We have solar panels on the roof of our Cotswold’s Lighting design studio which power the exterior lighting section of our showroom. There’s also a wind turbine on the roof which was used to power Richard’s equipment while he was sailing the Atlantic in 2010! Now it’s back in Blackwell and we plan for the turbine to power the exterior lights outside Richard’s office.