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Lightmaster Case Study – West Yard Farm

At Lightmaster, we work on a lot of different projects, from historical buildings to offices to gardens and houses. Some projects take weeks, others months and some even take years. West Yard Farm has become almost our Flagship project. The images (which belong to the architect) are used on our website, brochures and all  our other marketing materials. This is mainly due to the stunning job that was done on the lighting design but also down to the natural beauty of the house itself.


Located in the center of the Dartmoor National Park, this 18th Century  farmhouse and adjacent barns group together on 58 acres of rolling pastures, lakes, over 100 meters of waterfalls, and ancient bluebell woods to form West Yard Farm. The owners bought the decrepit property at auction in 2013 and teamed up with van Ellen + Sheryn architects, oak frame specialists Carpenter Oak and builder Richard Goulden to take on this massive project.

The barn consists of 6 bedrooms (3 en-suite), two family bathrooms, two kitchens and multiple reception rooms.The client’s brief for a self-sufficient dwelling was a key design factor. The surrounding woodland provides a renewable supply of fuel for the four wood burning stoves located throughout the property, and a ground source heat pump provides secondary heating. Electrical usage is offset by a PV panel array on a barn roof, electricity used to run the Lightmaster LED lighting, which is 75%+ more efficient than its halogen cousins, and solar thermal panels provide much of the hot water requirement. High fabric insulation levels brought the buildings up to current regulation requirements.


From a lighting perspective, it was all about highlighting the features.  The beams are so beautiful, the team didn’t want to fix any fittings directly to them. On the vaulted ceilings, they opted for discreet white spots pointing in different directions to help reflect the light down into the room.

Wall lights were also used throughout, specifically up/down lights which have an LED module at each end so it has a beam of light shining up and down. These are a great options for rooms with small ceiling voids when downlights or  recessed spots are not an option.  Plus, these are easily personalised as you can change the beam angle each end to create different effects.

Below left are the drawings from the architect which we have then put into our system to create the lighting design on the right.



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Apr 26, 2016 | Case Studies, Design