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Lightmaster Case Study – The Howard Arms

The Howard Arms in Ilimngton is one of Lightmaster’s local pubs here in the Cotswolds. So when they came to us looking for a new lighting design in their bar and restaurant area, we were only too happy to help.

The majority of the fittings used in the pub were made specifically for the project. The main piece commissioned was lit signage to go both inside and out. The exterior sign is horizontal to guide visitors to the front bar from the car park, whereas the interior sign is hung vertically and creates a lovely wash of light on the painted dark red wall.  These signs were created using sheets of scorched metal with the letters cut out and LED tape stuck onto the sides.

Keeping the scorched metal theme, we created thin metal tubes with a 6watt module recessed deep into the tube. These light tubes are used to focus light onto the tables for menu reading etc. The deep recessed fitting means there is no glare from the light. We’ve mounted these tubes on a red flex cable which hang from acoustic panels designed to absorb background noise, meaning you can have a conversation over dinner without struggling to hear your companion.

We also made large pendants with dimmable, colour changing LED’s inside so that the team at the Howard Arms are able to change the lighting depending on the occasion. For example, on Valentines Day, they had them on red to create a romantic setting.

Simple downlights were used over the bar to create task lighting. This light ensures the beer taps are well lit so customers can clearly make their choice and also aids bar staff when counting money.

The lighting was chosen either to be completely discreet or to blend into the surroundings and add to the ambiance of the pub. The lit signs have been especially well received and we have already had other clients interested in the same effect.

Visit The Howard Arms website here.

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Jun 14, 2016 | Case Studies, Control, Design