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Oct 31, 2022 | News

Lighting trends and the lighting industry continues to evolve at speed.  At the start of October, our Technical and Design team visited the Light+Building exhibition in Frankfurt for a few days. While there they had the opportunity to see all of the latest design and lighting trends and developments, current and upcoming, and speak with many leading Companies in the Lighting and Building industry.

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Lighting Trends for 2023

The first talk our team attended was – Efficient Lighting Solutions and included flexible luminaires.

This talk highlighted that lighting is being forced to move in a sustainable direction, not just in terms of energy in use, but in production and disposal too. The whole lifecycle of the fitting from design and production to end-of-life and recycling. We need to be more responsible as lighting designers in considering the environmental impact of our products.

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Trends and the way in which design is swaying, as we move into 2023, became apparent in the decorative lighting halls…

Nature and Natural Materials

Whether it’s natural shapes or wood and felt, biophilic design elements are everywhere in the decorative and bespoke pieces. Often mixed with Brass, or backlit, alabaster creates a beautiful diffused glow.

Bronze and Brass

Chrome has its place but it has seemingly had its day, the market is trending towards darker earthy tones and aged/antique finishes. In switches as well as decorative lighting. There was a lot of Brass and glass, as well as Brass Floor and Table Lamps.acoustic lighting design

Acoustic Designs

It seems people are becoming more aware of good acoustics within their homes. Many decorative pieces, and even more subtle interior design elements use sound-absorbing materials to help with acoustics. Softer, sound-absorbent surfaces such as foams and felts, were used across decorative lighting for multiple companies.

Tuneable white and Human Centric Lighting

Wellness-inspired lighting is becoming increasingly popular as companies start to recognise the impact and relevance of the circadian rhythm on the body’s wellbeing. From tiredness to healing and reaction times, there is increasing awareness of the importance of the right light (i.e. a specific colour temperature, which is determined by an individual’s lifestyle) at the right time. Some companies have even developed a way to measure this. Read on to find out more.

Smart Control is the Future

Predominantly for energy efficiency, many commercial developments are being built with some form of control/ management system built into the fabric of the building.

This can be used to effectively monitor the occupancy of a space so that it is not unnecessarily lit or over-lit, but also that it is lit to a safe minimum level if somebody enters a dark space. This can also be utilised to observe energy usage to identify where improvements or reductions could be made.

Many manufacturers are developing small-scale, domestic, app-based control systems for the home. Voice control integration is present in almost all of these domestic systems and is looking like the future of home control.

smart home


As battery technology improves and cells become smaller and lighter, more and more manufacturers are utilising them to create more portable lighting solutions. More common in warmer countries, dining outdoors can be more comfortable with the addition of battery-operated table lamps. Coming out of unprecedented times with the threat of covid, many British residences have also converted their outdoor living spaces into sheltered dining and living places. As well as the many benefits of the portability of battery-operated devices, we must also consider the recycling and environmental impact of batteries, as the end-of-life cycle for battery technology has a long way to go.


We spoke to Adam at Universal Lighting (UL).

UL is developing a robot that can measure circadian effectiveness across space, even reporting on areas where the lighting can be improved to enhance the positive effects on the people using that space.
UL is also inviting companies to send in their fittings to be measured, which suggests that there might be another emerging rating in lighting quality on the horizon.

Nichias Dark Room

Nichia had a room where you could enter and view their latest technological developments in Human Centric Lighting, most notably their Dynasolis and 2-in-1 tuneable white LED chips. Here you had the opportunity to dial up and down the kelvin from a warm orangey glow to a cool icy blue, while they explained the benefits of the different lights on the human body at different times of the day.

Wireless Lighting

Is this the future? Zytronics ‘Electroglaz’ uses conductive transparent coatings to provide ‘transparent power delivery’ effectively making the light appear to be floating in the glass without cables, this technology is being applied to a variety of low voltage applications such as audio and charging equipment without the need for any visible cabling.


There were many design and technological advancements from our visit to Frankfurts Light+Buliding 2022 and many exciting developments coming. We use this information to help steer our direction at Lightmaster and continue to provide the latest in lighting technology and the best lighting solutions available.

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