Lighting Specialists Working From Home: Are We More Productive?

Jan 19, 2021 | News

Lightmaster lighting specialists working from home has been an interesting challenge, but has it actually made us more productive?  2020 was a particularly unique year, and all of us have had our challenges to face. From lockdowns to social distancing, we have all had to make changes and adapt, and one change that has caused more problems than most has been the switch to home working. Countless employees have spent the best part of the year out of the workplace, working instead from their own dining tables, sofas and home offices, and as a result, they discovered that their homes simply weren’t up to the task.

Here at Lightmaster, our team has also had to adapt to the pandemic, switching to new ways of working in the current global crisis. Fortunately, as lighting specialists, we’ve found that, despite the many challenges that 2020 has thrown our way, we’ve still been able to make working from home more productive.

The Pros And Cons Of Lighting Specialists Working From Home

Working from home, as anyone who has tried it will attest, comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. While many people like the idea of remote working, the reality often fails to match up to the fantasy.

Some of the benefits of home working include not having to commute, being able to spend more time with the family, having more flexibility in terms of which tasks get done when, and, of course, enjoying the more comfortable surroundings of home such as being able to get a cup of tea whenever you feel like it!

However, on the downside, it can mean more disruptions and distractions from children and pets, less productivity, greater social isolation, and an environment that hasn’t been set up for effective working. Trying to get tasks done from a laptop balanced on a knee on the sofa or trying to work from the kitchen table while dogs and toddlers run around nearby can be much harder than expected and even workers who are lucky enough to have a dedicated study or home office often find when it comes to the crunch that their space isn’t really appropriate for use day in day out for long-term working.

One aspect that many people have found especially challenging is the lack of appropriate lighting. Offices these days are designed with productive working in mind. Lighting specialists are brought in during the design stage to determine the best ways of using both natural and artificial light to help workers to experience the best lit environment possible. The old days of traditional office strip lights are rapidly disappearing as new build workplaces are being constructed with employees’ overall well-being at the centre of their lighting design.

Of course, most homes have not been designed with such needs in mind. After all, remote working has only recently come to the fore, and the idea of making the home environment equally suitable for use as an office is a concept that has yet to take off in a major way. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people who have been told to stay away from the workplace have found it so difficult to stay productive when trying to carry out their usual daily tasks from their homes. A lack of suitable task lighting has meant that workers are struggling to focus on their paperwork, while poorly placed fittings has led to employees experiencing glare from their computer screens that has made it extremely difficult to stay on the ball.

Lighting Design: Designers Stay Focused Even In A Pandemic

Although working from home is never going to be the same kind of experience as going into the office every day, it can be equally productive if the environment is properly set up for the task in hand, especially when it comes to working in lighting design. This is where lighting specialists have the advantage.

Thanks to our skills and expertise in the field, we know how to create lighting effects in any room that enhance the space and make it more pleasant and productive. By harnessing the power of focused task lighting, it’s possible to make an effective home office space in even the darkest corner, or by utilising advanced lighting controls to brighten part of a larger shared room so that it can become multifunctional.

Thanks to their abilities, our experienced lighting specialists have not only been able to stay productive in their own right but have been able to help many other people to get their work done even in lockdown. While working remotely, our team have been able to continue creating exciting lighting design projects that help others to get more out of their homes and workspaces. Technology has allowed our teams to carry on working closely with clients to determine their needs and requirements and to present them with lighting designs that meet all their specifications. Even in a pandemic, Lightmaster professionals stay focused on the power of lighting!

For more information regarding how we have been able to connect with clients remotely, feel free to get in touch and we will let you know how we did it.

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