Why a Lighting Specialist Makes All the Difference

May 22, 2021 | Design

A lighting specialist can make all the difference to your home and property.  Are you building a brand-new home from scratch? Perhaps you’re renovating your existing property and need to give it a complete overhaul?

Far too often, lighting and lighting design is not considered until the later stages of a project, allowing little flexibility to achieve the true potential of a space. The Builder, Installer or Architect may include a supplement ‘lighting plan’, often calculated in a grid system to achieve regulation light levels, but this type of plan will never make the most of the room. That’s why at Lightmaster, we have a team of experienced lighting specialists who will consider the best customised lighting and positioning to get the best from your space.

What Exactly Is A Lighting Specialist?

A lighting specialist is an expert in the field, with an in-depth knowledge of how best to harness the power of light to achieve your desired effects in your space. Perhaps you need to create a warm, cosy feel for your living area, or a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom? Maybe you need to find lighting solutions to enhance unique features of your home, or maybe you need to find the right task lighting for your home office? Whatever your lighting requirements, there’s no one better qualified to help you achieve them than a lighting specialist.

A lighting specialist improves properties by designing a bespoke lighting scheme that perfectly suits its landscape, interiors and architecture. By working closely with interior designers, architects and clients, they plan attractive and sophisticated lighting for home renovations and new build properties as well as updating existing lighting schemes.

Do I Really Need To Hire A Lighting Specialist?

The idea of hiring a lighting specialist may come as a unique prospect to many people. Yet, there’s a host of benefits in adding one to your team, especially if you’re looking for a way to really make your home stand out and enhance its features.

With their expertise, know-how products and clever tricks, a lighting designer is well-equipped to give your home a wow factor. Thanks to the latest lighting control systems, it’s possible to create a host of different effects with a single press of a button. Your space can migrate from comfortable and cosy, through exciting and inspiring, to atmospheric and sultry or even practical and bright in seconds. You can even create several moods within a single room. Essentially, when you incorporate a bespoke lighting scheme in your home that has been designed by a skilled professional, it’ll add a whole new dimension to your way of living.

A lighting specialist can accentuate all the key features in a space. They can suggest which elements in the room need to be lit and, not only that, but how the lighting could work. They can give you creative ideas that you may never have considered, such as showing off works of art, uplighting your home’s architectural features, or downlighting shelving to highlight ornaments or objects. Even if you only require a simple lighting scheme, a lighting specialist can suggest the best ways to light your spaces. For example, they can choose the right LED lighting to bring out the most attractive features of your home’s surfaces and materials, considering everything from shadows, shapes and angles, to brightness and warmth.

With such a broad range of options at their disposal your lighting specialist will be able to find the perfect scheme to match your needs. But with so many possible options, the key is often simplicity! Just because your lighting, or control option can do everything, its important to discuss what you want and need it to do to suit you and the way you enjoy your space. Your lighting specialist will be able to direct you towards the most suitable and intuitive solution to suit your needs.

Can a Specialist Help Me With My Home Renovation?

When you’re renovating a property, you’ll probably already have an architect, electrical contractor or interior designer on board, working in partnership with you to put the final touches to your home design. However, you may not have considered hiring a lighting specialist as part of your home renovation team. Nevertheless, it’s certainly worth getting one on board.

Why, you may ask, if your electrical contractor or interior designer will come up with a lighting scheme for your home?

Well, the answer to this is simple. Your electrical contractor or interior designer will create a lighting scheme for your renovation, that’s true. However, it’s likely that it will be a basic, functional one. They may not fully understand your needs and how carefully placed lighting can suit your specific requirements. If you hire a lighting specialist, you can be confident that they’re offer you a far more creative lighting scheme. A lighting specialist will layer with light, using floor and wall lights alongside wash lighting, pendants, decorative lights, accent lighting and architectural illuminations for a far more exciting and atmospheric effect. There are so many lighting options to choose from, and when you get an expert lighting specialist on board, you can be sure that the lighting scheme they create will be truly harmonious, generating effects and atmospheres that you may not have thought possible. What’s more, is that you may find your new scheme is considerably more energy efficient, using fewer punchy LED fittings, lighting levels can be achieved with less, well placed fittings, as opposed to a grid of over populated, less efficient lighting.

If you’re carrying out a full renovation of your home, you’ll be stripping your house back to basics, adding new wiring. There’s never been a better time for bringing in a lighting specialist. They can create an exciting and effective lighting scheme using both decorative and architectural lighting at the most convenient time – when the wiring is being installed. However, even if you’re only partially renovating your property, revamping a couple of rooms, you can still benefit from hiring a lighting specialist to offer you a bespoke lighting scheme. By calculating the correct amount of light for the space, you ay also find this saves more money by not settling with a full ceiling of ‘grid lighting’ that is lighting only ‘dead space’, as your specialist knows that lighting is effective only when bouncing off a surface, whether it’s a wall, coffee table or beautiful piece of art.

Could a Specialist Help With My New Build Project?

While a lighting specialist is ideal if you’re renovating your home, they’re absolutely essential if you’re building your dream property from the ground up. A new build home is the perfect opportunity to create a range of exciting lighting effects, so it would be a terrible waste to go for a simple architect-suggested lighting scheme. If you bring a lighting specialist on board from the very beginning of your project, you can be confident that your brand new home will be portrayed to its best effect once it is complete.

When your home’s design is in its earliest planning stages, a lighting specialist can plot where the lighting will be placed. The products and cables can all be drawn into your lighting plan so you can ensure everything happens at the right time, with no need to spend extra money on redoing work that has already been completed.

A lighting specialist has a different eye to an architect, and when they work together, each one’s work complements the other. Not only will a lighting specialist look creatively at your space, but they will have the necessary technical knowledge to select the perfect products that have the right colour and power to light your whole home. A lighting specialist will also work in conjunction with your interior designer to create the perfect flow through your home, adding lighting options that enhance the colour schemes, fittings and features that your designer will bring.

Whether developing to sell or to live in, an expert lighting design will obviously add value to the property.

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