Lighting Design Process


Artistic Considerations


The creative and technical relationship includes subjective considerations of space, product and light. They are following 3 fundamental design principles and their elements.

Light is life, our body’s responds to it and have done since we walked on the earth, artificial light is very new, how does it affect our physiological and psychological wellbeing, Biophilic? Is this getting a little deep? It all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

Determine your lighting design Brief and Scope, what are you using the space for? are you trying to add value to your property? how passionate are you about the space? Is it a Residential, Commercial or Historical space? Have a holistic approach considering the environmental impact your design has, can you refurbish? Are the lighsources efficient reducing running cost? ensure the design is as timeless as possible so it lasts.

Lighting relies on installing the right cables to the correct positions, with the correct protection, remedial work required to install, controlling the light, (Switch, dimmer or scene setting) all this has to be installed at a cost before you can install the light.


Our Lighting Design Process Explained

Concept Design

This stage is to help the lead lighting designer absorb as much information as possible from the client to gain a stronger understanding of tastes, lifestyle and needs resulting in a generalised lighting plan.

Technical Development

Details added to drawings showing lighting circuits / switch positions & control methods as well as fitting and circuit allocation. If a control system is required/requested, it will be added quoted at this stage.

System Architecture

Technical team to approve the lighting design and produce supporting technical documentation for electricians as appropriate.

Client Sign-Off

Client to receive pack containing final signed-off drawings / supporting fitting reference booklet and technical information which would allow works to commence onsite.


  • The Basic package – 2 year system warranty. Good delivered all in one go. 
  • The Silver package – 3 year system warranty. Goods delivered floor by floor. 
  • The Gold package – 5 year system warranty. Goods delivered room by room.

Project Completion

Review and sign-off by the technical manager following a full inspection. Photographs (if permitted) to be taken and client testimonial gathered.


Lightmaster can offer an additional maintenance service on projects with a control system. The charge for this will be based on the complexity of the system.

A summary of the 3 fundamental design considerations and elements

Cost: Space, Product & Quality
    1. Installation – is it a simple installation and all planned out
    2. Quality level – Standard, Designer, Statement
    3. Quantity of product – Core, Key, Peripheral
    4. Control – switch, dim or scene set
Form: Space, Product & Light Variables
  1.  Variation
  2. Shape – Round, Square, Linear
    1. Size – Nano, Pico etc
    2. Suitability, Interior – Exterior – Component
  3. Discreet – Tailor-Made – Decorative – Bespoke
  4. Contemporary (The present) – Traditional (From a past period) – Architectural (Function over form)
  5. Position to create light effect – Graze, wash, scallop, highlight, backlight, light pattern.
Function: Space, Product & light Attributes
  1. Adjustability
  2. Colour Surface finish
  3. Position to generate function – Task, Accent, Effect, General
    1. Beam angle
    2. CCT
    3. CRI
    4. Glare UGR
  4. Maintenance L70 50,000 hrs
  5. Wellness
  6. IP what level
  7. Control – switch, dim or scene set
  8. Building Regulations

Our Ethos

Light is Life

Experience a better quality of life whether at work, rest or play.

Lightmaster Learning

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