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Jun 17, 2020 | Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to ongoing disruption among businesses everywhere. Up and down the country, companies have been adapting to working from home. This is no different for our lighting design team.  Employees have had to make changes to their lifestyles as they get used to no longer physically going to work – workers have, instead, been adjusting to using their living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens as their office.

Here at Lightmaster, things are no different. However, the team has come together effectively, pulling out all the stops to ensure that, even when working from home, projects could continue to progress as normal with no needs to halt the process. 

How have we adapted to this new way of working? Read on to learn more.  

Harnessing The Power Of Technology for the Lighting Design Team to Work from Home

Like many other organisations at this challenging time, the Lightmaster team has recognised the importance of technology in helping us working from home to get more done seamlessly, even during this crisis. 

To this end, we have harnessed the power of a number of remote working tools to enable us to continue communicating efficiently and ensure that projects can progress even though our workers haven’t been able to go into the office.

For example, we have been utilising Teams as a key tool for remote communication, so that we can discuss projects, ideas and issues without having to be physically present together onsite. We have also been hosting video chats and meetings so that progress can still be made without any need to bring to a halt essential processes. Thanks to document sharing platforms, our team members can also stay current and up to date with all the latest changes, so they can stay full in the loop and on top of the most recent adjustments, adaptations and alterations. 

Planning Our Return To The Workplace 

As progress is now being made towards releasing the lockdown, our team has been looking at a range of essential measures that we have put in place so staff can remain safe and protected. These adaptations have been designed to give workers complete peace of mind when they come into work as restrictions are eased and the “new normal” begins. As we’re slowly beginning to return to our offices, there are a number of measures that we’re adopting to stop the virus from spreading and to ensure that everyone in our workspace remains protected at all times.  

Protection From The Virus 

The Coronavirus is known to be spread primarily through the respiratory droplets that are generated by sneezing and coughing, as well as via contact with surfaces that have been contaminated with the virus. Therefore, we’ve recognised the importance of protecting our workers from any possible transmission through these methods.

To this end, have put in place several strategies to ensure that the possibility of contamination through surfaces or respiratory droplets is hugely reduced: 

  • Our team wear gloves to prevent any possibility of contamination through touch, and use hand sanitiser on a regular basis to ensure that the virus is eradicated on their hands.  
  • In the kitchens and bathrooms, regular towels have been swapped for paper towels so there is no possibility of cross-contamination. Rather than allowing multiple workers to use the same towel and potentially infecting each other, our new policy of single-use paper towels ensures that any virus-contaminated materials will be disposed of immediately and, thus, be unable to spread infection throughout the workforce.
  • Dettol spray and wipes have been put to use around the workplace to ensure that surfaces remain virus-free and safe to touch. Cleaning using these materials is carried out at regular intervals to ensure that all workers are kept safe at all times.
  • Masks are worn to prevent infected workers from infecting their colleagues and to help minimise the chance of transmission between employees.
  • Retractable barriers have been put in place to ensure safe distances between individuals.
  • Workspace distancing has been implemented to keep workers in their own individual areas at a safe 2 metre distance from fellow colleagues. This will reduce the possibility of exposure to COVID-19 and will help to give employees confidence to come into work.  
  • We have dedicated one day a week on Mondays for most of the team to come into the office for some valuable face-to-face time (albeit safely distanced) so that we can put into practice our new safety measures and allow people to safely interact and access facilities and recourses that they do not have at home.
  • When meetings are being held, they no longer take place in an indoor meeting space. Rather, they are held outdoors on the sun terrace with appropriate social distancing measures in place to minimise the risks of infection. Evidence has shown that meeting outdoors in the fresh air is safer than getting together in indoor spaces, and so we have determined that this is the best policy for the foreseeable future to ensure that attendees remain protected and safe. 
  • Shift patterns have been implemented to ensure that social distancing remains possible in the workplace. If every staff member was to come to work at the same time, there wouldn’t be sufficient space to ensure everyone’s safety. Therefore, shifts have been introduced so that only a certain number of employees attend the premises at any one time. This allows for a safe distance to be maintained in between individuals and a safer, healthier working environment to be kept in place.  
  • Specified days have been put in place for dispatch and delivery. This ensures that business can continue to function much as normal, but with a coherent yet safe way of operating to meet both customers’ and workers’ needs.  

Keeping Our Team Safe

Fulfilling our customer contracts is paramount to us, but our team’s safety is also essential. For this reason, we have determined that our employees will continue to work from home for the majority of the week wherever possible until government advice changes. We have made tablets and laptops available for our staff to take home to facilitate home working, and so far our customers have experienced no major disruptions to the level of service that they have received.

You can rest assured that we’re doing everything we possibly can to guarantee excellent service while also protecting our team from potential harm until such times as the COVID-19 pandemic is over and business returns to the new normal.

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