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Sep 25, 2018 | Control

The LED control kit supplied to our LED lighting design projects is not installed my our lighting control gurus here at Lightmaster.  They are trained engineers, not electricians.  Howeever, they can look at a project and discuss what kind of control options the client wants and then specify the best system. They will also draw up a detailed wiring schematic so that the installers know exactly which fittings are to be connected to which controller. That way, when it comes time to program the system into the scenes etc the customer wants, our team can rest assured that everything has been wired correctly.

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Almost all our LED light fittings require a driver to convert the mains voltage into miliamps. The driver is the only the beginning of the control system but it is vital:

  • You need the correct size driver to run the amount of fittings i.e. 350mA 12W driver will run 10 x 1W Faltu floor washers.
  • You also need to ensure that if you want to dim your lighting, you know what kind of dimming you want i.e. mains dim, 0-10V dim, DALI dim. This will effect the driver selection.

LED control kit

All the other kit that comes with a lighting control system, will depend on the size of your project, the complexity of what you need the system to do, and which system you have chosen. In most residential projects, we recommend locating your drivers in a “plant room”. This doesn’t have to be a dedicated room for your drivers, but you do need to make sure the drivers are evenly spaced and not covered in things like coats etc as drivers give off heat and so this heat will need to dissipate. A warm driver will affect the life of your LED’s. We’d prefer it if drivers and control kit were located on the ground floor, partly for easy maintenance and partly as all heat rises – drivers kept in an attic will be warmer than drivers in a garage. Ideally rooms like the utility or boot room is the ideal location.

 Lightmaster Control  LED control kit

General LED Control Kit Rules:

  • Leave 2W spare on any LED driver to power itself.
  • Leave a gap between each driver for air to circulate.
  • Try to locate all drivers in one place, or one place per floor for easy maintenance.

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