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How to best light up your garden – Lightmaster Design

Exterior lighting is often forgotten but then what would be the point of a conservatory or big windows if all you can see at night is darkness? Light beyond the window to bring the outside in. This is especially important in the winter months- your garden shouldn't...

The best ways to light a kitchen – Lightmaster Design

The kitchen is, typically, the heart of the home. It's your very own Michelin starred restaurant if you're so inclined, or even just where you keep the microwave. Most guests entering your home will migrate towards the kitchen and they'll more than likely stay there...

Lightmaster Case Study – Cherington Village Hall

The Hall in Cherington is a project we’re particularly proud of at Lightmaster. The village is only 10 minutes away from our offices in the Cotswolds and we’d already completed a number of projects in the area. In fact it was one of our clients in the village...

Lightmaster Product – Darlek Mains LED Downlight

The Darlek Mains LED Downlight was the first of the Darlek family brought out by Lightmaster. It's a 5W mains LED fitting so it does not need a driver. IP65 so ideal for bathrooms  and the lens is lightly diffused so theres's no glare. The beauty of this fitting is...

Lightmaster Product – NEW Daviik Downlight

NEW Daviik Downlight - LMID - 2621 - Whm - 036 - 3000K - 85 For a while now, Lightmaster has been trying to sell our products to electrical contractors, but on a few jobs, we were told our prices were just too high. Now, we will always argue that while our best...

Lightmaster Product – Sarlin Spotlight Sale £30+ VAT

The Sarlin micro spotlight is part of Lightmaster's standard range of product that we design here at our Cotswolds HQ and then we send it to our factory in China to be produced. We noticed that the market was full of 4W + spotlights but that there wasn't many lower...

Lightmaster News – How coloured light can affect our moods

Colour changing light It’s become a well-known fact recently that lighting can affect our well-being. Dimmed lights can create a relaxed atmosphere while bright sunlight is supposed to brighten our mood.  Sometimes we can go for days, if not weeks in the UK without...

Lightmaster Product – Modular Lighting Instruments

Architectural lighting with an attitude - Modular is one of Lightmaster’s newest partners. We visited their headquarters in Belgium at the end of 2017 to see their showroom and get a better understanding of their products and...

Lightmaster Product – Mini Darlek Spiral Spotlight

The Darlek Mini Spiral spotlight is one of the new additions to the Lightmaster range. Developed with the same 3x2W LED as it’s siblings, the Darlek Mini Fixed, Adjustable and Mini Smooth spotlight, it has been designed to be slightly more decorative. The spiral has...



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