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JAM Interiors Showroom

Lightmaster has been working on lighting design projects with JAM Interiors for years and so when they decided to open a new showroom in Exeter, we were delighted that they asked us to do the lighting. Matthew at JAM has an incredible team working for him and the interior designs they produce are stunning. We have worked on Ravenseye and Kaywana Hall together and we’re currently putting the finishing touches to two more beautiful Devon based projects.

Lightmaster Design

JAM Interiors works in partnership with Devon Stone so there was a lot of stone work within their new showroom to be lit. The main feature is a mosaic mural of Chinese warriors in shades of brown so this was lit using the copper version of the Microscoop spotlight. You can see in the image and in the cross section of the design plan how these have been laid out along the wall. It looks on the plan like it will be quite an obvious lighting effect but the photo shows that the final effect of the spotlights.

Lightmaster Design

The other main lighting feature is the Studio Italia Puzzle which has been used as a ceiling light in the snug area- the ceiling was too low for a pendant but it was a great way to show off another lighting effect. The puzzle is usually a wall light but our designer Carly used it as a ceiling light in another project and it looked amazing. The drawing below shows the design layout of the different shaped Puzzle lights.

Lightmaster Design 

The rest of the showroom was designed using predominantly discreet lighting – tiny down lights to make a feature of the marble niches and adjustable down lights to wash down the shelves showing of samples of materials. In a showroom such as this, it’s the job of the lighting to enhance the interior design. The furniture featured in the showroom is designed to stand out and if there was any unnecessary light it could detract.  The majority of the decorative fittings in the showroom were sourced by JAM Interiors based on suppliers and designs used in previous projects.

Lightmaster Design  Lightmaster Design

You can find out more about JAM Interiors here and about Lightmaster Design services here.

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