How do you turn on your Christmas lights?

Dec 1, 2018 | Design

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And this comes with reams and reams of twinkling Christmas lighting that somehow have to be turned on when it gets dark (somewhere around 3.30pm if you’re in the Cotswolds!).

The first thing to say here is, to make sure your Christmas lights are LED. A. They’ll last a lot longer B. if one does go, it won’t ruin the whole set and C. They won’t get as hot as the old-style lights and so you have none of the “will my Christmas tree set on fire??” stress to think about!

Once you’ve got those Christmas decorations out of the loft, and spent the first three days of Advent untangling the wires and checking they still work, it’s time to hang those lights and choose your method of switching them on.

You Have 3 Main Christmas Lighting Options:

Simple Switch

The favoured method of the little plug in our favourite Christmas advert by Sainsbury’s) Just plug your lights into a socket and turn them on and off as you please! Excellent. Until Christmas Day after a few too many glasses of champagne when you lean down to turn off your lights, trip over your new Christmas socks knock over the tree and smash all those precious baubles. Not so excellent… Luckily, help is at hand from our other two solutions.

Timer plug

This is the preference of most people we have spoken to. Set your timer to 4.30pm (for optimum festivity), plug it in and forget about it! Get back from work to your home looking like a welcoming grotto!

Smart Plug

(compatible with Amazon Echo /Google Home) – For those of you of a more techy nature, you could always invest in some smart plugs. Same basic idea as the timer plug – plug your Christmas lights into the smart plug and forget about them. Then when you walk into your home you just say “Hey Google, turn on the Christmas lights” and away you go!

From all at Lightmaster, we hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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