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Oct 26, 2021 | Product

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We have used LEDs in our design for over 20 years and could see the potential for them as the efficiency improved, they are a completely different light source to incandescent, their main advantages are their small size and lamp life, yet the disadvantage is they hate heat.

Fortunately, with Richard Nock’s lighting background in procurement and product design (having designed thousands of fittings and manufactured millions!), making a tiny compact range of discreet lighting tools was an interesting challenge with this new light source.

lightmaster faltu range

The Single Faltu Started the Faltu Range at Lightmaster

The first lighting product development Richard Nock completed was the Faltu. The product was developed from the frustration of not being able to find or get existing manufacturers to make it. He tried to do so in Italy and then in the United Kingdom, but to no avail at the time.

Richard had the idea of a multi-purpose LED module which Lightmaster could use with different covers and finishes, helping reduce stock levels and adding a lot of flexibility to lighting design options.

Richard’s ultimate goal was to develop a simple go-to range of LED modules (1W,2W, 3W and 6 W) for residential projects, and a number of fittings which gave Lightmaster a simple discrete range of Downlights, Up lights, Horizontal lights and spotlights, each with our key attributes and variants.

The Faltu 1 Watt is an anodised aluminium module to give it good heat sinking and corrosion properties. We chose a high-powered Osram led to give us consistency of light output and stipulated the bin in which the chips are checked too, having a threaded body enabled us to screw on different front covers and increased the surface area helping cooling.

Where Did the Name Faltu Come From?

All our fittings are named after stars. The initial letter ‘F’ stands for Foot washer which we use to light floors or steps. There are so many stars that you can always find a unique name, like the Wanotoobee which is our exterior range of bronze fittings. W we use for wall light, the original was an Idea based on a deck light for a boat. This stemmed from Richard’s passion for sailing, and where the inspiration came from whilst 20 feet up the mast, where glare is low at night, yet vital when you are trying to see where you’re going with the sails up!

However, back to the Faltu, this is now available with a 1 watt and 2 watts (Marfak) and 3w and 6W (Marfik) modules, Marfak is the micro module and Marfik is the mini-module, we use these in many of our standard products to get the light consistency, fittings are available as Exterior and Interior products and in many different finishes, Bronze and White seem to be the bestsellers.

The Faltu fitting with its 1watt and 2-watt Marfak module has found its way onto many designs, from The Scarlet hotel in Cornwell to Blenheim palace in Oxfordshire, it is ideal for lighting niches and guiding you around spaces at night, as chip efficiencies increase, its amazing how much light you get from this product, especially when combined with intelligent lighting design and control.

The Faltu Range

The Faltu micro range is ideal for residential or historical spaces and is typically used in entrance halls, landings, stairs, kitchens, bathrooms or to highlight architectural features.  The fitting bezel material is brass and comes in interior and exterior options, its compact LED module allows it to fit into a range of discreet locations.

The Faltu range now also includes spotlights, wall lights and a decorative discreet exterior light, bullrush shaped. The whole range is available in 1w,2w,3w,6w. many are suitable for exterior use as well, please check with our technical team of designers.

The extensive range of surface finishes helps this product to disappear into its surroundings:

faltu spotlights lightmaster


faltu downlights lightmaster

faltu uplights

faltu wall light lightmaster

faltu pendant lightmaster

More from the Range

  • Denib interior downlight range IP and fire rated
  • Wanotoobee Exterior bronze range
  • Salistor interior spotlights, one of the smallest on the market
  • Sasin interior spotlights with integral driver
  • Scantor interior spotlight range for larger spaces like churches
  • Wasat interior square range
  • Ulan exterior and interior uplight in stainless steel

To see our full range of products, visit our product website here.

We believe with our concise range of lighting tools you can tackle most residential, commercial and historical projects. We can also find or design whatever your lighting needs and requirements are with our knowledge.

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