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Located right down in the South West of England, Devon is a County with an eclectic landscape.

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Devon Lighting Designers

Located right down in the South West of England, Devon is a County with an eclectic landscape. From sweeping sandy beaches and national parks to fossil cliffs and medieval towns the area is heaped in history and natural beauty.

We are lucky enough to have been involved in many fantastic projects across Devon and the South West both residential and commercial.

The seaside air provides an interesting challenge when selecting outdoor fittings, as not only do the fittings need to be sufficiently IP rated but they also should be made of a material that will not corrode in the salty spray. Materials such as marine grade aluminium and other specially selected alloys fit the bill. This consideration can both increase the cost and reduce the available choice of external fittings. Our team of experienced Lighting Designers can provide an array of suitable fittings, selected especially for this type of marine environment and even some of our own line of marine inspired designs.

“We know that it’s important not to ruin the aesthetic with bulky fittings and fixtures.”

Lighting the Way

Lighting Across Devon

Nestled in Kingskerswell, Devon is the beautiful Oak framed residence Orchard House. With its natural exposed beams and glazing allowing lots of natural light, this cosy yet airy house provides the perfect balance of warm wood and natural light.

When working with visible beams our Lighting Designers know that its important not to ruin the aesthetic with bulky fittings and fixtures. Instead they opt for discreet fittings and pools of light, enhancing the natural feel and cosiness of the space. Often the Lighting Designer will choose to hide the light-source completely, showing just a warm glow of ambient light. This can be achieved using tape and profile or fittings from our micro ranges.

This property highlights the benefits of an effective lighting design, combining both natural and artificial light to strike the perfect balance during daylight hours and also at night.

One of our largest projects in the South West to date, down the coast just outside of Devon is the prestigious Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall. This exquisitely designed Hotel features 37 Bedrooms and Suites, cliff-top hot tubs and seaside views over 5 levels.

When it comes to hospitality, our Lighting Designers will consider lighting centred around comfort and relaxation. Soft light and mood scenes are paramount when creating a tranquil client experience. Specially designed fabric shades were used to enhance this serene environment.

Every detail must be considered and chosen with purpose, from its functional requirements, to its aesthetic form, each fitting and equally, its location, is designed with intention.

From residences to pubs and even hotels our experienced Lighting Designers know just which style and finish to choose to suit any property. From modern discreet to statement decorative, we will find the perfect selection of fittings, from our refined range to complement and enhance the beauty of your project.

**These photos were paid for by Carpenter Oak and they are credited to Sam Voaden

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