The Department of Technical Authority

We have two fully trained technical engineers in the Lightmaster team who are qualified to specify and programme lighting control systems.

“We can help you create lighting scenes to set the perfect mood. Whether you are entertaining or simply cooking a family dinner, our lighting control solutions will be sure to create the right atmosphere.”

Our Technical Team

Fault Finding

The technical team are trained to fault find issues with existing systems. If you have an old Dynalite, Rako or Lutron system which is experiencing some issues i.e. flashing, glowing or whole circuits of lights not working, our team will be able to establish and correct the problem.

*Depending on the warranty on your system, there may be a call out charge.

Our Technical Services

The first step is to contact us.  Tell us about your project and then we can either visit you on site or you can come to our offices for your control consultation. We offer a comprehensive range of services:

Control System Specification

Depending on the size of your project and the amount of lighting you want to control, our team will be able to recommend the best system for your needs. They will also produce wiring schematics for the installer to work from.

Control System Programming

Our engineers are trained to programme Philips Dynalite, Lutron and Rako control systems. If you need assistance programming a new system or re-programming an existing system our team will be happy to help.

Fault Finding

If your control system is suffering any issues following completion, our engineers will be able to come and investigate the source, even if it was not originally a Lightmaster project.

Site Support

Some aspects of lighting control can often be explained over the phone. If there are simple control questions then the team can usually answer these without charge and without coming to site.

Technical Support

There is a number of site visits allocated to full lighting design projects. If you need support outside of these, where it’s not possible to answer any questions over the phone, our team will happily come out to site.


Depending on aftercare package selected, there may be charges for the control team’s services. A charge sheet will be sent out prior to our engineers arriving on site and an invoice issued within 3 working days of the site visit.
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