The Control of Natural and Artificial Light

Jul 27, 2020 | Product

The control of natural and articificial light requires a multi-disciplinary and holistic in approach.  At Lightmaster, we are specialists in the control of natural and artificial light and are able to create different moods and ambience based on our vast experience and knowedge within lighting design and lighting control.

3 Technical Disciplines to Control Natural and Artificial Light

Lighting Direct Supply

Over the last 20 years our knowledge allows us to procure lighting related product from around the globe, we also manufacture a concise range of lighting tools, we have our key suppliers who offer a massive choice of composite, discreet and decorative fittings.

Lighting Design Service

After an initial sales brief and scope, we undertake a concept design to ensure the client understands the product style, value, quality and position of fittings for artificial and natural light, at this early stage it allows time for the building infrastructure to change to accommodate these products. Once the concept is agreed, a technical design lighting assessment is considered to ensure the correct lights are chosen for the application and can be controlled according to the space, operation and clients need. Once final design has been approved by the client, we offer an aftercare service to ensure smooth running of the project and maintenance contracts are offered once the project is completed.

Lighting Controls

Our technical authority are responsible for client’s schematic, this shows how the lighting is connected together, from customer interface, protocols, types on dimming and control systems available for the control of natural and artificial light. Our technical authority is also responsible for our quality, system research and product development (R&D). This section contains our knowledge centre for Lightmaster learning. This article concentrates on the workings of the Direct product side, from the product creation and selection to considering our 3 design pillars, Form, Function and Value. The Lighting Design and Controls side will be covered in another blog, as the considerations are different for product, Client Lifestyle, Spatial awareness and use, split between Life’s 3 necessities, Work, Rest and Play are considered in more depth in design and control guidance and consultancy. Lightmaster products have been chosen by our team of lighting professionals, to offer a concise range of LED fittings for clients, specifiers, builders and installers, we have drawn from our huge design experience. Detailed below is the synopsis and the rationale for selecting product on to our product web site. Richard Nock has 40 years’ experience in the lighting industry and has developed this selection with our designers, Associates, Partners, Clients & Suppliers for use in interior and exterior areas, for Residential, Commercial, Cultural and Historical spaces.

Fitting Design Considerations

If you are looking for inspiration or for a specific product, even if you know what you are looking for, searching on the web can be frustrating and very time consuming, our Website has been designed to keep the range to a minimum and allowed you to sort products for interior or exterior suitability, the ranges are further split by functional attributes like task, e.g. Downlight, Up Light, Horizontal Light, Spotlight, Technical &  Continuous light, Wall Light, Ceiling light, Portable luminaire, Control, Driver & Power Supply, Lamps and accessory. This allows you to pick a lighting tool, to highlight that task, or accent the sculpture, pick a wall, table or ceiling light to add that creative touch, positioning fittings or adding a splash of colour will add to the effect, making the general mood bright and airy or dark and mysterious, living by the scene, to create the atmosphere for summer or winter living, during the day, or at night. LED lights are also defined in several variations, like product surface colour, Light beam angle, Light colour temperature and light quality, CCT and CRI. A typical designer product from our range is available in over a 100 variations, stocking more products adds to the cost and may affect the lead time. If you require any more unusual, composite, discreet, decorative, architectural, contemporary, or traditional lighting products or designs, please ask our designers, they can draw from our years of knowledge and millions of products, we have a huge database of suppliers from across the globe, to give you the more unusual from our standard, designer and statement ranges and costs to fit any budget. Fittings are broken down into different sections as above, this is how we use and describe them when designing a scheme, we have to ascertain what customers wants, this is part of our design process to ensure we develop a clear scope and brief from the client, to get a fuller understanding of our service, contact our design team.


Looking back to where lighting was 20 years ago, lamps were made to take mainly 230Volts, 12 v halogen was just beginning, 100 years ago electricity had only just been invented and wasn’t distributed as it is today, many people still relied on candles, gas or oil, or went to bed when it became dark, people then worked to the seasons more, long summer days or cold, dark long winter nights. Now we all expect places to be illuminated at night as society is becoming more 24/7, is this healthy? A subject for another blog. Lightmaster Product range is all LED, which makes it a different Lightsource to the past, but has many benefits, especially longevity and efficiency, however to ensure fittings live up to your expectations, you need to understand the LED Chip, its construction and all its attributes.

  • The LED Chip –It’s an electronic device which gives off light, for more information see they are a partner of Lightmaster and offer some good you tube videos.
  • Heatsinking the chip – The heatsink is a good conductor of heat, normally aluminium, this takes the heat away from the chip, the cooler the chip runs the longer it will last
  • The lens – The Lens is designed to fit over the chip, directing light in a narrow, flood or asymmetric beam shape
  • Power to the chip from the driver – The Driver is a complicated piece of electronics, the cost depends on what you want to do, this is the brains of the lightsource and is paramount for good dimming.

Lightmaster Product Range

Should lighting be seen? Our interior lighting tools are chosen for their discreet form, we want to see the effect of the light not the fitting, composite products are the ultimate In discreet lighting, being part of the building structure and more complicated to install, discreet lighting tools are normally fitted by cutting a hole in the plaster board, decorative fittings are sculptures divided by time and form. (Traditional, Contemporary or Architectural.)

Our Interior Discreet Core Product Ranges

Discreet lighting tools are designed for their ability to do a task, consideration is given to form, function and value, simplified shape, size, orientation, fixing and suitability for the environment, these products constantly evolve, but their core features are sustained.

Find out more by clicking here.


Micro Horizontal Light, can be positioned as an Up Light or Downlight too in White, Chrome, Bronze, Satin Nickle finishes.



Designer fire rated downlight, keeping glare to a minimum, Micro fixed, Mini Fixed , Mini Adjustable Downlight.



Flexible spotlight, Small Surface Spot, Medium recessed, Medium Surface, ideal for pitched ceilings.



Square, Micro Horizontal light, Micro Spot Surface & Recessed, Micro Wall Down, Micro Wall Up Down.



Powerful and discreet for their size, Pico and Micro recessed spotlights.



Small, Medium & Large spotlights 20W 30W & 40W track or surface available in white and black, so many options.


Mini Adjustable, round and square fire rated value downlight, including triac dimmable driver Expected soon.

Our Exterior Discreet Core Product Ranges

When choosing a product, careful consideration must be given to the position and environment, you will need more light in a town or city compared to the countryside due to general light pollution in urban areas, in the country think about the night wildlife, try not to allow light to spill into the night sky, keep light low level and to a minimum. Find Out More Here

  • Wanatoobee range is suitable for outside use and is designed for longevity, being made from brass or stainless steel, all finished in a matching bronze effect which will change to a natural patina over time.
    • Mini Fixed Downlight, ideal for under soffits, especially in dark wood
    • Mini Fixed Up Light, great highlighting under bushes or trees
    • Mini Fixed Path Light 1 and 2 openings, idea for discreet path lighting when no vertical walls are available
    • Mini Adjustable Spotlight available with Wall plate, Spike and Rod mounting, perfect for general highlighting
    • Micro fixed wall light, ideal for low walls or post mounting
    • Small fixed wall light, the original discreet fitting which started the range, unobtrusive, putting the light where you need it on paths or boarders.
    • Wall Lantern designed to look traditional or modern, the light source is designed to light the ground below and not give light pollution, but still giving the traditional look
    • Paloanax Pendant, often referred to as a bird feeder! This produces rays of light from the tubular design and a pool of light below, idea for over tables or pergolas
  • Ulan is a range of stainless-steel up, down and horizontal lights, the material gives it a more contemporary look, the range will be increased to match the Wanatoobee, adding a path and spotlight soon.
    • Pico eyelid in stainless steel For Downlight, Horizontal or up light
    • Micro eyelid in stainless steel for Downlight and up light
  • Faltu was one of our first complete product designs and is a favourite due to its value and design form, its amazing the light you get from 1 watt.
    • Micro eye lid in Antique Bronze finish
  • Wasat like a Faltu but with a square front, used for a more architectural look

Our Composite and Linear range

  • Composite fittings are designed to be an integral part of the building, normally plaster based so they blend in a plastered wall, although the fitting are not expensive, the extra design and installation work required to get this seamless look needs to be considered.
  • Linear fittings are tape with LED’s, this again is a technical subject with many variations, most LED tapes use diodes wired in parallel so they run on constant voltage, we prefer to use a 24V power supply.
  • There are many diffusers and profiles to help the installation and get that seamless look of a light blade with no LED dotting, the aluminium profile also acts as a heatsink.
  • All our composite and linear product installations are designed by our technical department to ensure we minimise voltage drop

Our Decorative Offering

  • We divide our decorative range into 3 sections
    • Traditional – Designed originally for candles or oil lamps, they have evolved and relate to periods in our history, they normally use a BC or ES style of thread to connect to the general lightsource, lamp. (Bulb)
    • Architectural – Function over form, often linear extrusions hanging from fine high tensile wires, designed to put light where you need it with the minimum material and least obtrusive shape of fitting
    • Contemporary – Modern decorative fittings are available in thousands of varieties of shapes and materials
  • We have built up a huge knowledge over the years of where to go and get decorative feature pieces from, we buy from across the globe to ensuring different styles can be found to complement any interior space. Ask our creative designers for help, there are millions of options to chose from, we can normally guide you to the correct manufacture.
  • Having manufactured millions of fittings to our designs, we can also make bespoke creative pieces to fit any space, working direct with the client or specifier.

Our Driver and Power Supply Range Relating to the Control of Natural and Artificial Light

  • Drivers
    • 3W Mains non dimmable IP67 – Available on the web site to order
    • 20W Mains Triac dimmable IP20 – Available on the web site to order
    • 20W 1-10 and DALI Signal driver IP20 – Due to the technical nature please speak to our technical team
    • DMX 4 channel drivers – This is the ultimate protocol for lighting, gives the smoothest results fir dimming and RGBA control, contact technical for advice.
    • We sell many well know brands like TCI, so if you have a special request please contact us for advice.
  • Power supplies
    • 12V on special request
    • 24V 60 Watt
    • 24V 120 Watt
    • 48V on special request
  • Power supply and driver partners like TCI in northern Italy, have state of the art robotic facilities for manufacturing a huge range. Contact our sales team so we can understand your exact requirements.

Caveat on Drivers and Power Supplies

  • With LED technology the driver is key to provide the correct current and voltage. For switching drivers ie no dimming, these are the simplest, ensure you have the correct current and voltage set for the LED fitting, Heat is the enemy of electronics, locate drivers in a dry space where air can circulate.
  • When dimming, there are different protocols and methods to obtaining the customers desired level of dimming and control, Mains dimming is the simplest, however the lower levels are sometimes unstable due to very small electrical loads.
  • Signal dimming requires an extra cable, DALI 2 is fully addressable but can have lag, DMX is used in theatres and in our opinion the best for value. Please make sure you test your dimmers with the fittings, drivers and controls on your system. If you are unsure contact our technical line.
    • Control
    • We are specialist in Lighting control, this ranges from simple on off switches in any colour or finish you can imagine, PIR’s for bathrooms or exterior lighting, standard rotary dimmers, scene setting system, our preferred system is Dynalite manufactured by Philips, however we also program and design Rako and Lutron systems. If your unsure how to do something why not ask our technical team.
    • Accessories
    • Lamps (Bulbs) we have approved suppliers we use so we can guarantee the quality of this general light source

The product side of our web site

  • This will grow, we need to add all the lumen data and ensure each product is BIM compliant, all this takes time, so if we don’t have the light you are looking for or you need some technical help give us a ring.
  • To speak to someone please ring our Direct sales number – 01608682115

OR e mail

To assess the lighting requirements you have, look through our product web offering at  if you can’t find what you need contact our sales team and we can steer you through the millions of options, so you end up with what you want.

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