7 Tips for Great Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is a beautiful thing when done right. It all depends on your specific requirements. For example, do you want to make a feature of your bath using uplights behind it? Or are you after a simple lighting scheme that can be dimmed to create a relaxing atmosphere?

1.Always ensure your fittings are IP rated – bathrooms are split into ‘zones’ which require different IP ratings. Your electrician will be able to advise you if you’re unsure.

2. Our Faltu micro floorwasher has become known as a “pee light” by our design team – almost every single one of our lighting design projects has at least 1 Faltu in the bathroom on a PIR which is programmed to come on at night when it senses motion. This means that on any late night trips, there’s no need for blinding lights!

3. Some bathrooms have tricky angles and tight spaces not always ideal for lighting. When working with a sloped ceiling, opt for spotlights which can accurately aim light rather than downlights. In very small spaces, take a look at some of the micro fittings we offer – our Wasat cube shaped wall light is a fitting we use regularly in showers and over baths to create a pretty effect but also add light to the room. It blends well with most colour schemes (it’s comes in satin nickel) and is so small you barely notice it’s there when it’s switched off.

4. To avoid wading around in half empty shampoo bottles in the shower and gain stylish storage, you could create a niche within the wall in the shower or by the bath and light this with a tiny downlight. Other options for storage could be shelving units or cabinets with either LED tape or tiny downlights to help keep those every day essentials in order.

5. The only real lighting you need in your bathroom is over the mirror to help with shaving and make-up. The best ways to achieve this are diffused fittings either side of the mirror or a mirror with integral fittings. Back-lit mirrors look nice but actually aren’t that effective at lighting the face. Mirrors should ideally have a cooler white light to match natural daylight for your make-up.

6. Want a real feature? Why not take a leaf out of modern hotel’s book and put your bath on your bedroom?

7.  Lightmaster top tip – NEVER put a downlight directly over a metal shower head. This will cause a ring of reflected light on the ceiling and a shadow on the floor and unless it’s perfectly centered, it will look awful. When lighting shower enclosures, small downlights close to the walls create nice effects and also bounce light around the room.

Apr 16, 2019 | Control, Design

Apr 16, 2019 | Control, Design

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