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The 5 Objectives of Lighting Designers

Lighting Design Creates and Improves Functionality:

The most important thing about a lighting design is that it is functional. Our lighting design team spend a lot of time with our customers to learn how they use their spaces so we can light them correctly. Things like kitchen surfaces, reading areas and work stations all need a lot of careful consideration to allow for the right kind of fittings to be used. We use GATE (General, Accent, Task and Effect) to ensure all the lighting bases are covered.

Attention to Detail:

While we are lighting designers, we are always conscious of the other elements of a project. For example, if we’re trying to wash a wall with light but there is a plug socket in the middle of the wall, it might be that the designer will change their design slightly so as not to draw attention to the less aesthetic elements.

To Incorporate the Client’s Style:

Style is obviously key – nobody wants ugly lighting in their home. Lightmaster has spent years growing relationships with suppliers to make sure we have the best possible range to offer our customers. We try to cater to every taste and preference, both discreet and decorative from ultra-modern, to traditional and everything in between. Our lighting designers are experts at finding the perfect fitting.

To Meet the Client’s Budget:

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees (sadly) but Lightmaster do know how to make it go further. We have lighting that spans all price ranges – our standard range starts at £18+ VAT for a 6W fire-rated downlight while the designer range starts at £45+ VAT for a 2W micro recessed downlight. If you like the look of the designer fittings but can’t afford to have them everywhere in your home, we’d advise designer fittings in your kitchen and living room but maybe switch to standard level lighting in your utility room, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Lighting Design Can Improve the Client’s Lifestyle:

It might seem like quite a bold statement to make, but we believe that good lighting in your home will improve your quality of life. From the moment you wake up and turn on your bedside lights, to your bathroom lighting as you get ready for the day. Glare-free kitchen lighting positioned exactly the way you need it to be so you can make your breakfast without standing in the way of the light source and all the way to those cosy evenings in the lounge with dimmed down lighting.

If you would like to book a free consultation for your lighting project, please give our offices a call to make an appointment on 01608 682 115 or e-mail on sales@lightmaster-direct.co.uk.  Feel free to visit our lighting design website at www.lightmaster-direct.co.uk/design

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Feb 12, 2019 | Design